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Sony Ericsson Canada has put the Z780a on their Canadian web site with little stars for Coming Soon. No date, no information about operator but many source say its Rogers will offer this device but no confirmation at this moment. It?s a very nice cell phone with a HSDPA connection, Bluetooth connection and are compatible with Active Sync for easy synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange. It?s seen to be in to color, Amethyst Silver or Grand Onyx. The Sony Ericsson Z780a has a 2.0 mega pixels camera.


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Long time after other carrier in Canada, Rogers want offer more wireless data device. Only 2 Pc card are now offer by Rogers and no express card. This 2 new device will offer for this summer at all Rogers stores. The Ovation MC950 is a USB modem work with HSDPA network like Rogers networks. The second device of Novatel Wireless will offer soon is the Merlin X950D and is a Express PC Card, a very good think for all owner of recent laptop.


Ovation MC950D


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It is now Official, we had aldry annouced few mounth ago but it?s this Monday morning that Rogers choose to unveil its new Windows Mobile device named BlackJack of Samsung. This device is compatible with HSDPA Rogers Netowrk and has a digital camera of 2.0 mega-pixels. The Samsung Jack (aka SGH-i616 or BlackJack II). have not touch screen but a QWERTY keyboard that allows typing a message when even long enough. It is available at a price of 199.99$ (with 3 Years contract) which is expensive for a device of this type. It looks very comparable at Motorola Q9h also sold at Rogers in specification. It also boasts a built-in GPS and the battery can be tuiliser for 2.5 hours without stop. The cellphone which has just been officially launched this morning, is seemingly already \"out of stock\". Tha BlackJack 2 is only availible in Canada chez Rogers and it should be available within the next few hours on the website of Rogers.


Rogers blackjack jack sgh-i616 2 ii samsung canada review mobile cellphone pda data windows wm6 update upgrade new qwerty hsdpa hspa

Today, Rogers is officially launching its new 3G network in Canada. Rogers will offer its Vision service, video telephony, in 22 cities in Canada. This means that Rogers will cover with its network of the third generation 60% of Canada. "This major expansion solidifies Rogers' position as Canada's fastest and most advanced wireless network," said John Boynton, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. "Rogers Vision is a quantum leap forward in wireless communications and has revolutionized the way customers access information and entertainment on-the-go both at home and abroad." No reduction in mobile data packages are scheduled from Rogers, but the fact that the third generation could come to be available from Rogers is a major point for Canada. Finally, remember that the service of Video Vision is available only in Canada at the moment, because no American operator, according to Rogers, offers this service at this time. The cities that will now be covered by HSDPA Rogers are: Greater Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Whistler, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Ottawa/Gatineau, Kingston, Sudbury, Barrie, London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Windsor, Greater Montreal, Quebec City, Chicoutimi and Trois-Rivi?res. Rogers Vision is already available in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton/St. Catharines, Burlington/Oakville.


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Motorola Q9h with a GPS

Rogers Wireless and Motorola Canada have just launched Motorola Q9h to Canada. One month after having launched it to the United States, Smartphone of Motorola is now available to Canada. It is about a device run under Windows Mobile 6 Standard considering which he does not have of touch screen. With an improved design and several minor additions, Motorola Q9h is really pleasant to hold in hand. It does not have connections Wifi, but a built-in GPS and Bluetooth connection although it is compatible with the new network wireless high speed of Rogers, HSDPA. Let us recall that the first Motorola Q was only compatible with standard CDMA offered only at Bell and Telus. It is available for a price of 249.99 $ with a contract of 3 year at Rogers.

Rogers Moto Q9h Specification




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Treo 750 of Palm is now available in Turkey at TurkCell Communication Service. It is about a country moreover on the list of Palm which sells its devices really everywhere on planet. It is about the version GSM which will support network HSDPA of TurkCell.


palm treo 750 turkey turquie turkcell communication canada hsdpa gsm Smartphone windos mobile in canada

LG Trax is from now on available to the United States in its version of third generation. It contains a memory of 4gig which makes it possible to store the data downloaded very quickly using network HSDPA of AT&T. It integrates also a numerical camera of 1.3 megas pixels and has obviously a Bluetooth connection. It is already on sale at AT&T for 129.99 $ American with a three year old contract.


Lg Trax is from now on available to the United States in its version of third generation. It contains a memory of 4gig which makes it possible to store the data downloaded very quickly using network H

It would seem that the next device of HTC will have 2 versions of Windows like 2 processors to make them turn. Indeed, the HTC Shift will have a processor Intel Santa Rosa to make turn Windows Vista and a Qualcomm processor to make functioned Windows Mobile. It is obviously also possible to make function the 2 systems at the same time. The HTC Shift will integrate also a reader of fingerprint, 1gig of DDR2 and a hard disk of 40gig as well as a webcam as regards Windows Vista. It seems that connection HSDPA serf only to the transfer of data, but the Shift would have also options of telephony what would like to say that he will be very complete.

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According to the site well-known BoysGenius, the Smartphone last of Motorola the Moto Q9 would be launched to AT&T on August 24. It would be about baptized version HSDPA Moto Q9h. It is only about rumour, but it is very probable that the Moto Q9 will be launched soon to the United States, which had with the many rumours which all go in the same direction. It should turn under Windows Mobile 6 Standard considering its screen is not tactile. As regards Canada no clear information is yet available on this subject.


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It is the Option Company which manufactures the cellular card WP MAX 7.2 Ready, which announced that it had concluded a contract with Rogers wireless. This chart will make it possible to the users of Rogers to benefit the maximum of network HSDPA. It should make it possible to reach, as its name indicates it, 7.2 Mbps. Neither date nor no price was still revealed.


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