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We recently let you know that Samsung had announced their next handset in the Galaxy line-up, the Galaxy S III. Now, most Canadian carriers have come forward officially announcing that they will carry the handset. The general timeframes given for the launch are ?this summer?, with others simply stating that it is ?coming soon?.

Carriers who have confirmed that they will carry it include Bell, Telus Rogers, Virgin Mobile, Videotron, Sasktel, WIND Mobile, and Mobilicity. Many major retailers have also announced that they will sell the device once it becomes available through the previously mentioned carriers. So, who?s excited for the Galaxy S III?


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At Google I/O last week, a variety of announcements came our way regarding Android. Ice Cream Sandwich, Movie Rentals, and more were announced. One of the other items unveiled at the event was Honeycomb OS 3.1, the next update in the tablet-specific OS. Included in the update are a variety of new featurs, including resizable widgets, USB accessory support, and more.

Unfortunately, like with most events of this type in the U.S., Canada wasn't really discussed a whole lot. U.S. Motorola XOOM owners began seeing the update shortly after the announcement, while there has been no sign of it north of the border. Finally, Motorola Canada came forward on Facebook and declared that the update is coming soon. No specific dates were provided, but they did say:

"Some of the feature upgrades include basic external SD card support for general SD file and media access, expanded support for USB-connected accessories, additional Bluetooth support and Picture Transfer Protocol to enable easier transfer of photo files to your PC."

Certainly great news for Canadian XOOM owners!


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There have been a number of rumours surfacing online regarding RIM developing a tablet device, including everything from screen size (7", 8.9"), to piggy backing for cellular data connectivity. According to the latest rumour, Research In Motion will unveil the new device next week at DevCon 2010 in the U.S., announcing features, specifications, and hopefully a release date. So far, the general consensus seems to be that the device will have a 7" touch screen, along with bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, though it will rely on the user's BlackBerry device for cellular data use. Names that have been tossed around for the rumoured device include "BlackPad" and "SurfBook", but pre-release model names often change upon launch, as should be the case with this one.

Probably the most discussed rumour is that the device won't be running an existing BlackBerry OS, but rather something entirely new and developed with help from QNX, a major OS maker that has experience in everything from vehicle software, to Nuclear Reactors. If RIM does launch a tablet powered by QNX software, we can be assured that it will not-only be stable and reliable, but more than likely a smooth and consistent experience as well.

Do you think RIM will announce their tablet next week? We'll be keeping up with live coverage, so stayed tuned for more details next week!


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Kodak Gallery, with 70 millions member?s world wide, announced today the launches of Canadian online photo service. It?s very simple only send you pictures via Internet and after you can receive by mail or go in any Best Buy store. To celebrate the launch, KODAK Gallery is currently offering customers 15 cent 4" x 6" prints for a limited time.

"Tens of millions of people trust KODAK Gallery with their pictures and we are thrilled to bring Canadian customers a Gallery site that is uniquely tailored to them," said Madhav Mehra, General Manager, KODAK Gallery. "Canadians will also benefit from the KODAK Gallery's partnership with Best Buy Canada, which offers the added convenience of pick-up at all for all products 51 stores across the country."

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Lenovo chose Novell to reinforce its position relating to Linux. On August 8 last Lenovo announced to want to deliver ThinkPad portables of the series T which will have SUSE Linux Entreprise Desktop 10. It is not a question to immediately offer Linux to the consumer, because this offer relates to only the accounts of company, but it is a beginning. No information on a possible version of SUSE directly installed in ThinkPad offered to general public.

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It is Germany T-Mobile which seems to be the first operator to be offered most impressive of the last HTC revealed in the carding brush of the 3GSM. For 750Euro (1200 $ Canadian approximately), you will not be bound by contract with T-Mobile if not with a contract of 2ans it will cost you 650 $ of them (Canadian). As regards the contracts, it is interesting to compare the prices with here, T-Mobile offers for 60 $ 5G (yes gigs) of band-width on its cellular network high speed (HSDPA) per month and 200 hours of accesses to its very many Wifi Hot-Spot. Here one can pay approximately 100 $ for 200meg of remote loading (generally even if the Operators announce High Speed it is very very slow) and approximately 10 $ by 1 meg additional. In conclusion, in addition to having superb apparatus T-Mobile Germany has solids offers compared with Rogers.


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Hummer, the division of Motors General has just signed a contract with ModelLabs, so that this one develops of exclusiveness its new range in cellular telephones. As recalled by ModelLabs in its press release, Hummer is known for these solid vehicles and its design emblematic. The accessories will be also made by ModelLabs by the means of its subsidiary company (CDM which created cellular apparatuses to measure for the companies). The exclusiveness in ModelLabs touches also Canada and the products should be available for the second quarter.

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The HTC Advantage @ HTC X7500, is most sophisticated of the apparatuses available to date to general public. One can think of the integrated GPS (TomTom navigator included), with the chart WiFi G and Bluetooth 2.0, with the hard disk of 8Gig, his 8 hour endurance and with his screen VGA of 5 inches (640x480). The processor is a given rhythm PXA270 with 624Mhz and integrates a graphic chip ATI W2284. On the site of HTC Europe, one can see that it is announced with Windows Mobile 5, but some ensure that the update towards Windows Mobile 6 will be soon available. Finally really interesting and probably very expensive, approximately 950 Euro.

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A new section will be added here tomorrow. This section will present an advertisement that focuses on mobile computing more generally. Here in Canada the major manufacturers are rarely gives trouble to the large and beautiful campaign. We will present this section tomorrow. This section will be clearly available on the mobile website.

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Bell Mobility announced a new TV service is currently available from your cell phone. Video clip of highlights from several game of the NHL. "The Bell Mobility customers who want to receive news and last-minute highlights of the games of the NHL and whatever the time or place, will appreciate this unique service from Bell that brings together the most exciting and highlights of games in a simple and easy to use, "said Chris Shannon, General Manager marketing of wireless devices at Bell Canada. You can already watch the parts of the NHL streaming device on the Samsung A920 and Sanyo 8300. The video clip is also available on the Motorola E815.

mobilite pocketpc pocket pda telus fido windowsmobile laptop wifi wimax bell mobilite bluetooth tablet pc cellulaire rogers