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As you know, Chatr Wireless launched today, offering yet another option for Canadians residing in major cities looking for an affordable and simple solution for their mobile services. We got the opportunity to speak with Garrick Tiplady, the Senior VP of Chatr, and this new brand from Rogers is definitely one to look out for.

Chatr launched today in 5 major cities(zones) across Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, with a Montreal launch planned for this fall. Customers living in these areas can pick up one of four devices, and can use their service in any Chatr zone without worrying about long distance or roaming charges. The device line-up, which ranges from a simple bar phone to a sliding full QWERTY messaging device, is expected to remain the same for some time, and includes 4 phones that are offered contract-free:

- The "essential" Nokia 1661 - $60
- The "flip" LG GB125R - $75
- The "slider" Nokia 2680 - $95
- The "QWERTY" Samsung Gravity - $130

During the conversation, Tiplady let us know that Chatr is focused on delivering a worry-free experience, at the root of which are 3 things - simplicity, certainty, and quality. Keeping things simple, Chatr offers only two price plans, and makes it very easy to understand offers. Ensuring customers know exactly what to expect, the price plans available are the $35 Unlimited Talk and $45 Unlimited Talk & Text packages, so the possibility of unexpected overage or pay-per-use charges is significantly reduced. Finally, Chatr boasts a reliable experience, using Rogers' physical network to provide excellent coverage that Canadians have come to trust.

With other discount brands launching mobile internet sticks recently, we asked if we could expect the same thing in Chatr's future. In response to customer demand, Chatr is focusing on talk and text services only, with no intentions to launch data services as of now.

Offering unique options for payment, customers can either sign up for "no worries auto-pay", which is a pre-authorized payment service that keeps things as simple as possible. The second option is to top up your account before your anniversary date (day of the month you originally signed up) each month using your credit card or top-up vouchers from Chatr Wireless retail locations.

The main thing we got out of this is that Chatr aims to keep things simple, offering a limited selection of handsets and price plans, and focusing on users who know what they want without hassle or confusion. If you're looking to find out even more, or find the nearest Chatr store, be sure to check out Chatr Wirless




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Bell Canada (BCE) has just published one to communicate of press which announces that Telus Corporation began from the discussions to discuss a future fusion the 2 giant?s telecommunications in Canada. ECBS and Telus signed a mutual agreement of not-disclosure of the offers suggested. A fusion of the 2 groups would be nevertheless surprising since Telus had already announced that a fusion would be not very probable since Telus should probably demolish its cellular division, which was not possible a few months ago. It should however be said that a fusion would be also possible since Bell cannot pass to more than 50% in the hands of a foreign company and Telus was founded in Quebec. This possibility would probably not be good news for the customers of the two companies since there would remain only 2 large companies of communication in Canada, Rogers (which already bought Fido) and Telus.

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Rogers and XM announced this morning the conclusion of the agreement which will make it possible to offer all contents XM on all the platforms of Rogers. This new service is available since the launching of the new line of goods VISION of Rogers. For subscribed without wire, XM will offer 25 chains without any commercial pause. ?Rogers offers to his customers new options of programming via the mode of diffusion of their choice, that it is the telephone, television or Internet?, to explain Phil Lind, vice-president at Rogers Communications.

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Xm and Sirus announced today to have been intended to form a joint company. It is probably the best news for the radio by satellite which nevertheless had some difficulties in start here in Canada. Then, there will be no more problem to know which to choose. We hope only that this agreement will acc?l?rera the technological advances. After fusion the company will have a value of 13 American billion and approximately 14 million subscribed.

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Bell will benefit from the contents of the Heads with opera hats and they will benefit from the visibility of Bell. You will be able to download the videos clip of the Heads with snaps one week before their diffusion on the Web. You must have one of the models according to being able to download the vid?os, Samsung a920, a900, m500, Sanyo 7500, 8300 and LG 550, Nokia 6275i, Motorola e815 and Motorola RAZR by subscribing you with a Amusement unit which starts to 20 $ per month. Then for the fanatics I imagine that that spends time in the bus.

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The Canadians will be able to listen to the diffusion of Super Bowl XLI on their radio operator Sirius satellite. Several stations will be available and, even in several languages, here is the list.
- Indianapolis Colts team broadcast - channel 125
- Chicago Bears team broadcast - channel 123
- Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports broadcast - channel 124
- Westwood One Spanish broadcast (Espangol - Amerique du Sud) - channel 181
- Canal + Spain broadcast (Espagnol) - channel 147
- NTV + Russia broadcast (Russe) - channel 143
- France 2 broadcast (Francais) - channel 110
- NHK Japan broadcast (Japonais) - channel 107
- SMG broadcast (Chinois Mandarin) - channel 119
- ARD broadcast (Allemand) - channel 130

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