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Rogers customers who own a Dell Streak are in luck today, as the Android 2.2 Froyo update is being rolled out OTA(over-the-air). The update, which brings Adobe Flash support and Dell's "Stage" software, is available now, and Streak users should be prompted to update the next time their phone is rebooted. The other main benefit users will experience with this new OS version is significantly wider compatibility with recently released apps, as many developers are designing their products to function with Android OS 2.0 or higher only.

Note: Some users are experiencing issues when updating their Streak's OTA, stating that they experience repeated "Force close" problems immediately after the update. Be sure to manually back up your crucial data before performing the upgrade. Lastly, if you do experience the "Force close" problem after updating, try navigating the menus and perform a Factory Reset on the device, as this reportedly fixes the problem and leaves you with a fresh Android 2.2 Froyo install.


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Starting a couple of days ago, Canadians are now able to receive Amber Alerts on their cell phones, free of charge. The program allows cell phone users with any carrier to sign up for the free service, which will send alerts via SMS for Amber alerts in the user's area, as well status updates on each current alert.

To sign up for the program, either head to, or text the keyword "AMBER" to 26237. The Amber Alert program is a powerful tool for law enforcement, media, and the public to help locate missing or abducted children, and the addition of this wireless program should definitely serve as an asset to our communities.

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Rogers have announced yesterday the 3G for 2 Atlantic cities, Halifax and Moncton. With this 2 new city, Rogers are the faster and most advanced network coast to coast, according to Rogers. With 3G in Halifax and Moncton, the Vision service is now available in this region.

"This major expansion reinforces Rogers as Canada's fastest and most advanced wireless network from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast," said Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Wireless. "It also confirms Rogers as the first in the Western Hemisphere and one of the leading carriers in the world to take their customers to the next level with the blazingly fast speeds of cutting-edge 3.5 G technology."

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XtremNoteBook, which makes indeed in the very extreme one, proposes a very powerful portable computer. It is about Xtrem 917V which has a processor Core 2 Quad which carries out the work of approximately 4 processors. It is also equipped with a screen of 17 inches, a graphics board Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX CPU. A reader DVD DUA-to bush-hammer is also with the menu with a card reader memory. As regards the read-write memory, one speaks about 4gig and the hard disk is not left in remainder with the possibility of including 3 hard disks of 250gig each one. A webcam is also integrated. One speaks about a starting price to 2300 $ American and is obviously not on sale at FutureShop.


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Lenovo chose Novell to reinforce its position relating to Linux. On August 8 last Lenovo announced to want to deliver ThinkPad portables of the series T which will have SUSE Linux Entreprise Desktop 10. It is not a question to immediately offer Linux to the consumer, because this offer relates to only the accounts of company, but it is a beginning. No information on a possible version of SUSE directly installed in ThinkPad offered to general public.

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Rumors have court in Canada in this moment with the effect that the iPhone would not be available there because of the high prices of the fixed prices given. Indeed, no unlimited fixed price of data exists at Rogers and the fixed prices of data in force in Canada are very expensive. I would be very surprised that it is the exact reason, although the iPhone is very gourmand in band-width of its many functions multimedia. Fido had already made a fixed price given unlimited for HipTop (SideKick) which cost only 20 $ per month. I also doubt that a representative of Rogers entrusted this kind of information to an employee especially who they are not very advantageous for Rogers. In Canada there is one Operator GSM with the result that Apple cannot make assemble the biddings as regards the royalties on the fixed prices which must be to pour to them by the operators who want to offer the iPhone has his customers. Rogers who is not the kind of company to be made say what to make, really should not have courted Apple like could do it AT&T in the United States. Moreover, I believe that people from Apple can count and know the Canadian market rather well to know that they will not sell 100.000 iPhone in one week. Apple, which should sell some much more in Europe, must want to concentrate on Europe for the moment. While acting in this way, Apple puts the pressure on Rogers who will have to fold one day or the other.

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The Canadian company, Research In Motion, come from announced by communicating that it revealed its new API for Blackberry. It is based in on JAVA; the development of software for BlackBerry was to be reinforced. Several API is available for support MP3, XML, BlackBerry Messenger, GPS in other. ?Push Mail paved the way with our success on this market, but now in fact the mobile applications are the next phase.? declared Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion.

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NVIDIA has just launched in the carding brush of the 3GSM of Barcelona, GoForce 6100, which would consume 50% less current than the concurrent solutions. This chip integrates Wifi and the USB 2.0 and more still. For more information here the site of NVIDIA for the chips mobiles.

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Nortel, Kyocera and RunCom carried out first call MIMO (Multiple-output Multiple-input) using a new WiMax antenna. With this projection, the mobile services could become 3 to 5 times faster than the networks of third generations existing at present. In addition to offering an important band-width, this technology would offer also a protected access. ?This opening contributes to reinforce the position of leader of Nortel with technologies MIMO, which are at the origin of WiMAX and all the future solutions 4G?, declared Peter MacKinnon, directing WiMAX de Nortel. For recalled, Nortel signed a contract with Kyocera to make available of charts PCMCIA. One could see appearing, it is new product later this year.

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Since already a good moment, the laptop Ferrari is on sale by Acer. CNET Asia informs us that Acer repeats in automobile alliances. Lamborghini VX2, here now the day. A price of 3200 $, which is rather high, but nevertheless reasonable considering the performances of the animal. One speaks about a screen of 15.4 inches WSXGA+ with a processor Intel Korea Duo 2 of 2.16Ghz. As regards the hard disk, one speaks about 160Gig and for the graphics board about a NVIDIA GeForce 7700 about 512 megs. For the connector industries have see appearing ?draft-n? what implies a chip Wifi NR and of an exit DVI.

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