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Information, provided by a CIBC internal note, T-Mobile want go outside Europe and United State for new market and CIBC think it?s a good idea for T-Mobile to come in Canada. T-Mobile already in USA don?t want buy an existing network but build a new 3G network have declared the Deutsche Telekom president at Financial Times last week. The only problem for T-Mobile (based in Germany), the Canadian Telecommunication law want the owner of a telecommunication company are Canadian, but about CIBC, the law maybe change in few years.


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The city of Vancouver wants to launch a project that would make its downtown (about 2.3 km / square) wireless network with a high-speed wireless. A competition has been launched on the website of the Government of British Columbia. According to CBC, Peter Ladner who had the idea of the project wants to find financial partners because the elected officials of the city of Vancouver are unwilling to finance the project with taxes taxpayers. Several North American cities have attempted this type of project with varying degrees of success depending on location. However, the fall in prices in packages on cellular data, very quickly makes this kind of network obsolete, but could be very useful for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

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Sprint published its financial results made share that it counted from now on 54 million subscribers in the United States. On the other hand, Sprint announces an important fall of its profits which fall of 291 million to 19 million for the last quarter. Several factors did not contribute to this fall of profit, but the CEO of Sprint, Gary Foresee, nor that the iPhone of AT&T have no matter what that either to see with this fall of profit. The income related to the transfer of data on the mobiles devices increased by 40%.

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Bell Canada (who is one of the principal actors of the world of telecommunications in Canada) has just published an official statement which announces an extraordinary assembly of the shareholders who will take place next on September 21 in Montreal. The shareholders of Bell Canada, who will have actions with the closing of the markets on August 10, will have to come to a conclusion about the privatization of Bell Canada. A group which includes in other the Council of the Pension plan of the Teachers of Ontario, Providence Equity Partner and Madison Dearborn Partners want to transform Bell Canada into closed company. The Pension plan of the Teachers of Ontario was already the principal shareholder of Bell Canada and found that Bell Canada did not progress rather quickly. Had with the fact that Bell Canada will not be any more at the thank you of his shareholders and competitors by revealing his financial results each quarter will enable him to plan strategies in the long run even if the profits are not immediately with go. Let us recall that last week Telus officially announced to have given up buying Bell Canada because of the lack of information of the federal government about the laws anti competition with which would have probably obliged Telus to separate its division wireless telegraphy, which Telus did not want to consider.

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An audit showed a countable error from 250 million dollars and entrain? the resignation of Jim Basillie of his post of Chairman of the board of Research In Motion. However, him and Micheal Laziridis keep their post of Co-chairman. Jim and Micheal offered 5 million dollars each one to pay the expenses and the goings beyond connected to the countable error, which the company accepted. Major changes on the level in the manners of calculated, will be founded at RIM in addition to re-examining all the financial results of 2004 has 2006 inclusively.


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BenQ announced the true end of its mobile division. The subsidiary company of BenQ had been bought of Siemens, which wanted to precisely demolish itself some for financial problems. It is truly the bankruptcy which entrain? the fall of the manufacturer who employed 3000 people. The attife of benQ Mobile will not even be enough for not paid the debts to BenQ Mobile. For the last production of cellular BenQ, 160 employees remained in the company at January 31 and approximately 2300 employees were moved in other companies.

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Although the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, Ericsson will equip Cingular Wireless (USA) in UMTS and HSDPA in particular. "To date, Cingular Wireless' deployment of Ericsson's UMTS equipment to Cingular Wireless has been very successful, and we are honored to continue our strategic partnership with these additional network rollouts," said Angel Ruiz, responsible for Ericsson North America.

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Roger comes to bring a lawsuit against Bell. The prosecution relates to television advertising that demeans Bell Mobility services of Rogers Communication. Basically what Rogers Bell want is that the latter withdraws co0ncerne advertisements. Rogers obviously also want financial damages that have not been revealed. John Boynton Rogers claims to have superior products to those of Bell and Bell also has some service better than Rogers and this is part of fair competition

mobilite pocketpc pocket pda telus fido windowsmobile laptop wifi wimax bell mobilite bluetooth tablet pc cellulaire rogers