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Bell and Cineplex Entertainment Launch Mobile Ticketing in Canada. You may now, if you have one Bell Mobility, buy movie tickets in advance and you pay on your account Bell Mobility with some user fees whose prices we are unknown at the moment. For tickets, simply send a text message with the word "tickets" to 5867. The system of Bell Mobility will send you a reply by text message containing a web link that will display a page of purchase. When you choose your film and completed the purchase on your mobile device, a code-bar appears in your cell phone. At Cineplex center you do what your cellphone positioned in front of a reader who is in the scanning booth. You will then receive tickets which will allow you to enter into a movie show. This service is made available by the new technology of RepeatSeat Inc., which provides ticketing services in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

"The Mobile Movie Ticketing service we are now offering with Cineplex Entertainment is an example of the wide variety of mobile transactions clients will soon be able to perform on their wireless phones," said Adel Bazerghi, Vice President, Products for Bell Mobility. "Our clients now have the convenience of purchasing tickets in advance from their phones, wherever they may be." "Our theatre guests can now bypass the box office using Bell's mobile movie ticketing service, which is offered exclusively at Cineplex Entertainment theatres across Canada," said Pat Marshall, Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Cineplex Entertainment. "For the first time ever, clients can look up the movie they want to see, find the theatre location closest to them and purchase their tickets on their Bell Mobility phones."

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Bell has just announced that she would launch the first mobile cinema to Canada. You will be able to now download a complete film on your cellular multi-media during 24 hours or 7 days dependently films. By Multimedia Bell understands Samsung a920, a900 and m500, Sanyo 7500 and LG 550. This service exists in the United States and does not seem to occupy most of the cellular market of the services. The company Buena Vista International Television, a company of Walt Disney, and Sony Pictures Television International joined mSPOT to offer this customer service of Bell. Question of price, it will cost you 5.95 $ of them to subscribe you with the service in more of the access unlimited to mobile Internet. However, Bell did not indicate the price of films available to the unit.

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We informed you of the intention of Telus of its impetus in the pornography a few days ago. Since several reactions are made hear in discredit, obviously, of the decision of Telus. Raymond Roussin of the Catholic Church declared in Toronto Stars, that Telus was caught some once again, with the vulnerable people and that Telus encourages people used the pornography on Internet with his attitude. In addition to these declarations, M.Roussin required of all the Catholic Churches which make deal with Telus not to renew their contract. The spokesman of Telus, Jim Johannsson, answered that even with all the respect which it has as a Mr. Roussin Telus does not have any control and which Telus follows the reality of today. Another Institution, Meritas Mutual Fund as affirmed its disappointment of Telus by declaring perhaps as Telus did not include/understand the impacts on its reputation. Is such an amount of history for pornographic films, there a difference between a video clip of Britney Spears and a pornographic Film? With you to judge?

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Microsoft Canada is attached to the first international film festival (with) on mobile. Microsoft will use it any Canadian service (Live Messenger, Live Spaces, etc) which is 87% of Canada to promote and disseminate the videos of the festival. Pou those who would submit a video you should do before 30 October. You must use your cell phone to take your video.

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Warner Bros.. Digital Distribution and I-Play have just signed an agreement on the rights to produce games of the famous film by Martin Scorsese 's. The action takes place in years 50, 60 and 70. Have not know in what platform the games will go but know that I-Play has agreements with hundreds of telecom operators.

mobilite pocketpc pocket pda telus fido windowsmobile laptop wifi wimax bell mobilite bluetooth tablet pc cellulaire rogers