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Information, provided by a CIBC internal note, T-Mobile want go outside Europe and United State for new market and CIBC think it?s a good idea for T-Mobile to come in Canada. T-Mobile already in USA don?t want buy an existing network but build a new 3G network have declared the Deutsche Telekom president at Financial Times last week. The only problem for T-Mobile (based in Germany), the Canadian Telecommunication law want the owner of a telecommunication company are Canadian, but about CIBC, the law maybe change in few years.


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During Wireless QUOTED, of cellular Canadian held the attention. Several rumours currently circulate, but unquestionable information is that the HTC 6800 with the color of Telus was seen. The device is broader than its predecessor, but would be less thick. Also known under the name of HTC Herald, the 6800 would be available soon according to our information at Telus. The company Taiwanese HTC invades the Canadian market since the HTC Excalibur was also launched to Rogers. Here the HTC Vox followed by the HTC Herald.

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CompUSA which announced in last weekend, that it intended to close several of its stores in the United States with an aim of restructured, dissociates itself with a price for T-Mobile DASH has 49.99$. It should be mentioned that the regular selling price of Excalibur is 199.99 $ American.

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They is the PocketFactory sites and PocketPcThoughts which informs us, of some contradictions at existing HTC in connection with the apparatuses and of the updates Windows Mobile 6. The registered office of High Technoligie Compagny would have answered a user that no update will be available for the existing apparatuses and that it should buy a new apparatus HTC of it to benefit from Windows Mobile 6. However, the person in charge for the communications for HTC America denies this information since HTC practically always updated these machines and that the HTC Excalibur was one of first integrated Windows Mobile 6. Then, the users of HTC can continue to hope.

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The HTC Excalibur, so known under the name of MDA Mail (Dash) is now available at T-Mobile in Germany. This apparatus which was a very great success in the United States, functions under Windows Mobile and will be probably under Windows Mobile 6 very soon since T-Mobile the USA announced an update towards Windows Mobile 6.


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According to which report/ratio of the remarks of Howard Forum, (have understands that that comes by far, but when m?m?re), the HTC Excalibur of T-Mobile would have an update for Windows Mobile 6. What will give problems to the Motor bike-Q which did not need any really. No person in charge for T-Mobile wanted to comment on Information with PhoneNews.


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few days before the 3gsm of Barcelona, here some small information concerning new Asus P526 and a second without official name still. The GPSandCo site posted some photographs of the future telephones which will be announced for the 3GSM. One of the future machines resembles curiously a HTC S620, known under the name of Excalibur. Can of chance to see these apparatuses in Canada soon.

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