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Nokia have made a little publicity for the new rules in Quebec with cell phone and car. Since 1 April, Quebecer cannot drive a car with a cell phone in hand; they do have a headset (with or without wires) for speak at cell phone and drive. For the three first month the Quebec polices give only a warning but the 1 July it?s a ticket of 100$ and 3 point on driver permit. In same time, or in few week, the Quebec government want adapt the lay who prohibit GPS for permit GPS in car, where is the error? But Nokia have some good rebate for Bluetooth stuff for driver doesn?t want has a warning.


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The Sony Ericsson W380a is showed on Sony Ericsson Canada web site a few weeks ago. But yesterday the small yellow stars are hidden end the phone are now available in Canada. This small information can be an error, but we have decided to stand few hours before announced this device in Canada. But tonight we have receive an email from Sony Ericsson Canada with information about the new Sony Ericsson W380a now available in Canada. We have no information about price and operator but if our information is good, it?s for Fido's customers. The Sony Ericsson W380a include a camera and a Bluetooth connection and use a Memory Stick Micro (M2) for memory card support.


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Again, the site of Rogers reveals projects only GSM operator in Canada. This time, the Nokia N95, which is listed on the website of Rogers in the section where you can download games on their cell phone device. This is not an official confirmation of Rogers, but the last time that this part of the site has proved devices were available, as Motorola Q9h. The Nokia N95, which is a very high-end, is only available in Europe at the moment, because it is not yet available in the United States and no date is expected. It is clear that this device is still very available, as it is sold, depending on the versions, approximately 800 euros.


Thanks Marc

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We received a lot of e-mail (Thanks Migg and Gadgetorama) informing us that the Canadian web site of Apple posted a conference on the iPhone in Eaton Center of Toronto. We have been get a photo of the screen announcing this event. This is a conference to teach you how to use your "new iPhone." The meetings are scheduled on Saturday afternoons from 10 November to 24 November. It also seems possible to register for these meetings, but the Apple site informs us that the activity is now "reserved". You be the judge, maybe is just an error of Apple Webmaster but it really begins to feel the iPhone.

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The Web site of Rogers still revealed information on the next devices by error. It is on the Web site of Rogers who allows downloading plays for your cellular device which gives the possibility of downloading plays for the HTC Kaiser, Nokia 6080, the RAZR 2 V9 and the Moto Q9. Rogers did not confirm absolutely anything, but one can think that the big brother of the HTC TyTn the HTC Kaiser is soon available to Canada. Soon is a very relative word since Kaiser was really not awaited also quickly.


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Updates which were withdrawn from the Web site of Palm since the update in question caused problems also the finished installation. According to Verizon it would be simply about too keen demand of only one blow which would have made plant the waiters. Several American Web sites, whose Brighthand, specialized in the mobile field, have another version. It would be particularly about the version under Palm OS which would create a problem of connection to the cellular network. An error of the type 300 would be posted on Plam, making it impossible to use. The touched customers have to only go in the Verizon store to nearest obtain a repair of their expensive devices.


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An audit showed a countable error from 250 million dollars and entrain? the resignation of Jim Basillie of his post of Chairman of the board of Research In Motion. However, him and Micheal Laziridis keep their post of Co-chairman. Jim and Micheal offered 5 million dollars each one to pay the expenses and the goings beyond connected to the countable error, which the company accepted. Major changes on the level in the manners of calculated, will be founded at RIM in addition to re-examining all the financial results of 2004 has 2006 inclusively.


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Microsoft published, there is a few days an update to return conforms our machines to the new summer-time which at summer prolonged by the American and Canadian Government by the continuation. It is now with the turn of RIM of published this updated for its apparatuses mobile. Then, do not waste time if you do not want to be armature in error by your Blackberry.

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Million Mexicans had big problems with their cellular. A technical error made saturate part of the network with TelCel what caused an eminent problem of saturation. Patricia Ramirez, person in charge at America Movil, declared, in Reuters, that other cellular parties of the network had taken the relai during the breakdown and that 90% of the network were operational a few hours after the breakdown and that the remainder will be it in the next hours.

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Since Windows Vista is now available, several people try their old software which functioned perfectly under Windows XP. They prove that the software of HTC which are used to update or to give to nine your Pocket PC HTC do not function quite simply. Managements given to use by Windows Vista is not exactly the same one to give them sensitive and of low level. In certain software of update of the ROMANIAN an error message indicating posts than the software functions solely under Windows Vista, then no danger to damage your machine.

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