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Those who have been holding out for the iPhone 4 in white received some disappointing news today, as Apple Spokeswoman Trudy Muller stated "We?re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone 4 yet again, but we?ve decided to delay its release until this Spring." The delay is rumoured to be because they are having difficulty matching the homescreen button to the rest of the housing, though this hasn't been confirmed, and probably never will be. Certainly disappointing news, but at least it hasn't been scrapped altogether. Are you going to hold out for a bit longer for the iPhone 4 in white?


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Some time ago, we let you know that Telus discontinued the HTC Hero, but for those who are remaining faithful to the device, we've got some great news. Android 2.1 Eclair has finally been launched for the device, which brings a variety of new features including Flash support 4.0, a voice-dialer, multi-touch navigation and support, some new widgets, and more. While it's definitely been a disappointing wait for HTC Hero owners so far, it's nice that the OS upgrade wasn't completely forgotten about because of the discontinuation of the device.


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We have received much information about a new HTC device offer by Bell mobility next 8 august. For memories the HTC Touch DUAL are similar to the HTC Touch but with a slider keypad. The HTC Touch DUAL will sale for 99$ with a 3 year agreement or 399$ without any contract. The big disappointing of this phone is you need a plan for the data because the Unlimited mobile internet plans at 7$ is no offer with this device. Below the real pictures of the Bell HTC Touch Dual.


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Telus and Bell want charge for entering text message, 0.15$ for each message until before it?s free. It?s very disappointing because if you have a contract with Telus or Bell, you can make anything and Telus and Bell have right to do that. Again and again it?s the customer pay for make big revenue of end of years for Telus end Bell. They will start charge next 24 august for Telus and 8 august for Bell.

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Rogers and Nokia have announced a new device in Canada, the Nokia 3555. It?s a very simple device with basic function, but the look can be interesting and he work with many Nokia Bluetooth devices such as the MD-5W Bluetooth speakers with the Bluetooth 2.0 connection included with the Nokia 3555. The camera is disappointing because it?s a VGA camera. It?s available at Rogers store for 89.99$ with a 3 years contract.


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XM announced that the totality of its Canadian offer will be of 120 channels and this as from today. ?We are charmed to offer to our customers even more choice and of contents of better quality that never before to the current price of 14,99 $?, declared Stephen Tapp, president of XM Canada. It is nevertheless disappointing to see that none the new chains is in French.
New channels of music without publicity:

- Cinemagic: revive the great moments of the cinema
- Hitlist: successes - The first 40 places of the prize list and plus
- Enlighten: music ?gospel? of South
- The Groove: the R&B of formerly
- Fuego: Latin music of the hour
- Aguila: a celebration of the Mexican music regional
- Caliente: a tropical paradise - salsa, merengue, bachata and more
- VOX: magic of the human voice, the opera

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Telus does not intend to provide the update for the PPC6700 which will be soon available to the United States at Verizon. For the recall, the operators chose to offer or not to offer updates, it is not UTStarcom nor Microsoft which makes the decision. Surely that Telus does not want to offer of update with an aim of selling of another telephone to be able to obtain Windows Mobile up to date. For those which envisage to buy the PPC6700 in Canada, to know that the version of Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2.2 idle much the apparatus at the same point as Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Moreover, version AKU 3.3 that Telus refuses to offer has its customers as makes it possible to use a stereo helmet Bluetooth. MobileInCanada does not recommend to you to buy this apparatus, even if it is very interesting, because question software it is very disappointing and now to exceed.

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Microsoft has just put on line the first version of the Mobile Device Center. It is nevertheless disappointing which the software is not integrated into the operating system from the beginning. Probably that, in a forthcoming Pack Service, the Mobile Device Center will be integrated in its final version. The mobile center is nevertheless interesting and seems to function, without problem with Windows Mobile 5, I did not detect any problem yet. To update your Mobile Device Center on your new Windows Vista, it is by here.

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Here, the new PPC6800 or VX6800, have speaks about a virtually identical machine except the design and the fact that it there does not have any more (large) antennas and seems also less thick. The numerical camera was improved to 2.0 megas-pixel instead of 1.3 mega-pixel. The internal storage was quadrupled with 256megs and some buttons were added. Disappointing or amusing thing, for some, being with dimensions memory boards, it is is not more Minis-Sd, but well Microphone-SD. It will be launched in May in the United States at Sprint and Verizon. With noted that the PPC6700 is available at Bell and Telus to Canada since can of time.


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