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HTC has just announced two new Android devices that will be hitting the European and Asian markets in Q2 2011, and the U.S. later in the year. The HTC ChaCha and Salsa both feature dedicated Facebook buttons, allowing users to access the popular social networking site with a single click of the button. It will also allow for speedy status updates, simple sharing, and quick photo uploads. No word yet on if or when these handsets will arrive in Canada, but we should see them around the same time that the U.S. does.

The ChaCha features a physical QWERTY keyboard located under the 2.6" (480x320) display, along with a 5MP camera with LED flash, and a secondary front-facing VGA camera. The Salsa has similar specifications, but has a larger touchscreen (3.4") and lacks the physical keyboard. Both devices will launch running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and will be powered by 600MHz proccessors.



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It's not official but many web site have annouced device before the time wanted by Operator but we noticed new cell phones on the Canadian web site of Sony Ericsson whose K850i, K550i and W380a. Sony Ericsson, which manufactures almost exclusively for mobile phones, the new cell will probably be dedicated to Rogers, Fido or Videotron. Discussions on Howard Forum report that the Sony Ericsson K850i Rogers will be launched at the first of February. On the site of Sony Ericsson can be seen 2 other devices that are far less interesting than the K850i which has sold very well around the world.


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Rogers has just announced the exit of a new device Sony Ericsson of the Walkman range. Sony Ericsson W580i really is very fashion and very tendency with its button only dedicated to the music. It is enough simply to ?shaker? the device for exchange of song or to answer a call. It is sold with a memory card of 512 megs what is nevertheless relatively weak. Rogers offers in options a card 2gig, which it would be to better buy in a store specialized in data processing. He will cost of them you 149.99$ with a contract of 3ans at Rogers.


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Origami, this is its name. If you follow the news even a computer can be, you have read these words several times. I prefer the more often not to publish any rumor on this site but this is fine and well and the site is dedicated to him ( is registered by Microsoft. Of the sites, ad very quickly news (rumors) are talking about a handheld device between a Pocket PC and a Tablet PC. As can have read on the project site, will have more on 2 March.

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The site dedicated, we learned that Bill Gates presented at WinHEC, Ultra Mobile 2007. A beast that is smaller than a Tablet PC but bigger than a Pocket PC. Particularity and only information provided to us, are that the machine should turn in an adaptation of Longhorn. Microsoft, which hopes to sell 100 million this machine in 2008, gives us no other information on this beautiful machine.

mobilite pocketpc pocket pda telus fido windowsmobile laptop wifi wimax bell mobilite bluetooth tablet pc cellulaire rogers