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We recently let you know that Nokia and Rogers are getting set to launch the Lumia 900, but recent information being discussed online points to more from Nokia as it relates to Windows. Apparently, Nokia is looking to build and send out a batch of Windows 8 tablets running in Microsoft?s ?Metro? UI by the end of the year. No word on a Canadian release specifically, but with the tablet market heating up and another strong competitor coming on board with Windows 8, we should see it eventually.

There aren?t many other details available, though it?s expected to be powered by a Quallcomm dual-core chipset, and offers simple but not seamless support for existing Windows applications. Windows 8 is expected to launch this fall, and manufacturers such as Dell and HP are expected to have a strong presence early on. Could Nokia compete with these manufacturers in such a crowded tablet market?

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Just last week, the word broke that Motorola's XOOM tablet would be making it's way to Canada, sometime in April. Originally, FutureShop had it listed with an estimated release date of April 8th, but that has now been pushed back to the 15th. The tablet, which will be offered through Telus as well, brings a slew of features that help it compete with the recently released iPad 2. As far we can tell, contract-free pricing is still looking like $599.99, but it's always possible for changes to be made prior to the official launch. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any further advancements regarding the Motorola XOOM's release date and pricing, so stay tuned!


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According to recent online leaks, Rogers is getting set to launch the Dell venue Pro sometime in March, a Windows Phone 7 device. The Venue Pro features a 4.1" (480x800) AMOLED touchscreen display, a 5MP camera with 720p recording capabilities, and a full QWERTY keyboard. Coming with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 8GB of internal storage memory, this Dell handset should be able to compete with most other smartphones on the market today. No word yet on pricing, or an exact launch date, but the latest information is pointing to a March release.


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Solo Mobile is a getting a full-blown relaunch to compete with new and existing discount brands such as Mobilicity and Chatr, with the overhaul expected to take place during the week of August 16th. While further details have been few and far between, we do know that the brand name and logo will remain the same, though the majority of the handset line-up will be changed. The new devices will more than likely be a fairly even mix of HSPA and CDMA handsets, though CDMA will be phased out as with parent company Bell. Six new price plans are expected to be released, varying in price from $10 - $60, with optional add-ons available as well. Lastly, Solo will be launching a prepaid internet stick, though which model or pricing is still unknown.


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We've been hearing a lot about Rogers new low-cost brand Chatr, and the launch was expected for July 21st, but retailers have been notified that the launch has been delayed with a revised launch date yet to be determined. With retail outlets receiving shipments of products and fixtures within the next few days, a notification has been sent out asking that the items remain in storage areas until further notice. No clear information as to why the delay is occurring, but we do know Mobilicity wasn't very happy about the new brands intentions to compete in their market.


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We recently filled you in on the known details of Rogers new brand Chatr, and have more information available for you! Offering up unlimited plans and affordable, contract-free devices, Chatr Wireless aims to compete with Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile directly. According to internal training documents, "zones" at launch will include Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa, though maps also included in the material suggest coverage spanning through Quebec and into the east coast.

Marketing based on the reliability of the service, since the service will be using an existing network, Rogers claims this new brand will be able to offer fewer dropped calls, better reception, and one low monthly fee for unlimited talk and text compared to competitors.

Scrapping activation fees with Chatr, customers will purchasing a SIM card, and can choose between 2 plans.Though pricing is yet to be confirmed, it seems as though the first plan will be Unlimited Talk for $35 which will offer unlimited in-province calling and 50 outgoing SMS (unlimited incoming). The second plan, Unlimited Talk & Text is rumoured to be $45, and offers unlimited talk across Canada, along with unlimited SMS to and from Canada and the U.S.A. Keep in mind that these are "in-zone" rates, so customers roaming would be subject to additional fees.

Lastly, the training material leaked shows at least four handsets at launch:

The essential - Nokia 1661 - $49.99 The slider - Nokia 2680 - $89.99 The flip - LG GB125R - $69.99 The QWERTY - Samsung Gravity - $149.99

Apparently Chatr Wireless will be launching within the coming weeks, with training already well underway.


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Rumours are pointing to a new wireless brand in Canada launching soon called Chatr, which aims to provide affordable handsets and great rate plans in order to compete directly with WIND Mobile and Mobilicity in the markets they currently occupy. The low-cost provider, which will be owned and operated by Rogers Wireless, is likely to feature entry-level devices like the Samsung Gravity and LG Sapphire, though no confirmation on handsets or a launch date is available as of yet.


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Bell has launched a promotion offering up a $15 monthly rebate spanning the entire duration of the contract to users who purchase the Palm Pre on a 3 year term, in addition to providing the device at $0. The $15 monthly savings total $540 through the 36 month contract, enticing customers to try out Palm's webOS at a significantly reduced cost.

No official word yet on what this promotion means to the future of Bell and the Palm Pre, as some believe it's to compete with other devices (BlackBerry/Android handsets), while others speculate an effort to get rid of stock.


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Micro SIM cards have made an appearance in certain Telus outlets, indicating a near-future launch for the smaller, more compact version of SIM card that are becoming more and more popular for use in tablet devices. The launch of Micro SIMs is expected to be official by the end of the week to coincide with Apple's iPad launch which is taking place this Friday, May 28th.

Though nothing has been officially announced as of yet, we expect Telus to introduce some sort of iPad compatible/specific data package by the end of the week in order to compete with Rogers, who have already announced their $15/250MB and $35/5GB iPad packages.

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March is the month of security at Fido and Rogers, but an employee must?ve forgotten about it. A user by the name of FidoMarketing leaked this lineup for Q2. This includes leaks for both handsets and plans.

? BlackBerry Pearl 9100 ? May 4th
? LG GW300 ? April 13th
? Nokia 3710 ? May 18th
? Nokia X3 ? May 18th
? Novatel Wireless MC988DF 28.8mbps ? May
? Sony Ericsson Aspen ? June

In terms of plans, Fido UNO, Fido?s UMA service, will be discontinued as of June 1st. Subscribers will have their service grandfathered. Also, a new CarryOver Minutes plan (not available to City Fido or corporate customers) will be introduced which allows one to accumulate rollover minutes over 6 months.

Data plans will also get a bit of a change with news plans to compete with the industry?s new players

? $15 ? Unlimited Email and IM for Blackberry
? $15 ? 100MB/100MB BIS (retention only)
? $25 ? 500MB/500MB BIS
? $30 ? 1GB/1GB BIS
? $40 ? 2GB/2GB BIS
? $40 ? 3GB (rentention only)
? $50 ? 5GB
? Internet stick $50 ? 15GB (retention only)
? $80 ? 8GB
? $150 ? 15GB
All we need is to wait and see if this leak is official or not. Q2 is only a couple of weeks away?

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