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Koodo have added a new device for Koodo subscriber. It?s not a new device in Canada because it?s already available at Telus, but new for Koodo. The Samsung Slyde M540 has a QWERTY keyboard and it?s the only nice feature on this device. Many bad comments are known about this device like poor screen and the high price for a cheap device like that.


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HP Canada has cancelled the iPAQ 600, but information are not easy to have about this. We have see a page on the Canadian HP web site, with information about the iPAQ 600 and this page announced ?coming soon? but this page are removed of HP Canada web site. After verification with HP Canada, they have announced the HP iPAQ 600 are been cancelled in Canada same thing in USA. This is a bad news, because this device has a GSM antenna for use like a cell phone with more function of the iPAQ 510 and not old like HP iPAQ 6955 sale by Rogers. The iPAQ 600 are only sale in Europe and HP has no comment on the reason of this cancellation in USA or in Canada.


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Since Virgin Mobile Canada announced that he wanted to break into the field of monthly subscriptions to cellular packages, nothing new has been announced. But tonight the site of Virgin Mobile Canada ( that worked this afternoon is closed for maintenance reasons. According to an email received by agents of customer service Virgin Mobile Canada, several problems are to be expected by tomorrow morning. No media representative was available for comment at the moment and customer service Virgin Mobile wants nothing to announce, and said they are not aware. Probably more detail tomorrow morning according to the customer service Virgin Mobile.


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That fact, the iPhone no longer appears on the website of Moslon and rules of the contest have disappeared as if by magic. We have contacted the customer service, which informed us that it was not really an iPhone from Rogers, but an iPhone that the company Moslon purchases in the United States and would "operate in Canada." For those who follow the news iPhone a little, you know very well that it is not possible to do such a thing without attracting problems with Apple. We are still awaiting news of representatives from Molson in Montreal. Rogers say "no comment" and that Apple should not comment for the moment.

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We have know informationa bout a contest, organized by the Canadian beer company Molson and Moslon Dry, offered a iPhone for prize. A website of Moslon ( Twist and Score) mentions that the iPhone, which is offered in the contest will be available only in January 2008 from Rogers. We have contacted the customer service representative and she said, yes it's a iPhone from Rogers. The iPhone won at Molson can be won now, but not work before the announcement officially by Rogers and also offers its clients in January 2008, according to the representative of customer service. The site is only available in French, however, provides the rules of contest in English in which we also found a mention of Apple iPhone. It seems that the iPhone will be available at a price of $ 800, and as the iPhone is not sold without a contract it can be assumed that the iPhone will be very expensive here in Canada. This contest end on January 4, 2008.

UPDATE October 24 13h37
We have contact media represent of Rogers and Rogers Wireless "Have no comment" and they recommand to contact Molson for more information. No answer from Molson at this time...

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See in the rules du of contest


See on the website


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Rogers and MySpace announced that they had gotten along on exclusiveness in Canada; it is Rogers who will offer a service MySpace Mobile on his devices. The subscribers of this service will be able to add tickets and comments on the blogs MySapce. They will be able also to carry out research of friends, to answer the email, to modify the MySpace profile like consulting their bulletins. Let us recall that MySpace is available to English Canada and French.

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Problems were announced on the network of email for the famous Blackberry of Research In Motion. A major interruption was signed and Research In Motion does not know when the service is again operational. According to several American media, the network, more precisely the network of the American West and Canadian West, would have returned the heart during the night of Tuesday at Wednesday. The Web site of WNBC quoted the official ones of RIM, which tried to start again the systems. The representatives of RIM are currently very occupied and was not available to comment on the problem. Those which do not use the service email of Blackberry with their apparatuses are not affected by the problems.

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We want you inform that our forum is now on line. A place conceived to be able to exchange knowledge, the ideas, the questions and the comments. The last post of the forum will be placed on the site finally that the users know about the innovations on the forum. Do not hesitate to go poster above, that will make us, a great pleasure of meeting your needs.

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The lawyers of Microsoft sent a setting remains about it with the owner of the famous XDA-Developers site. That whose Microsoft wants it is that XDA withdraws all the ROMANIAN files (what mets in Pocket PC have, Windows Mobile.) of its Web site from here the next week under penalty of continuation. XDA adapts versions of Windows Mobile for machines which were not updated by the manufacturer. (For example, the PPC6700 which will not be updated by Telus as much of companies makes, to increase their sales). Then, we invite you to signed the petition . (Not to forget not to mention MobileInCanada in the section comment)

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According to which report/ratio of the remarks of Howard Forum, (have understands that that comes by far, but when m?m?re), the HTC Excalibur of T-Mobile would have an update for Windows Mobile 6. What will give problems to the Motor bike-Q which did not need any really. No person in charge for T-Mobile wanted to comment on Information with PhoneNews.


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