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If one believes CNET of them, Cingular would have confirmed that the iPhone of Apple will be available to the sale next on June 11. This information is to be taken with prudence. The escape would come from a agent of the sales who would be well placed to Cingular and which did not reveal its identity obviously. What would coincide with Apple Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple often announced new products.

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Since already a good moment, the laptop Ferrari is on sale by Acer. CNET Asia informs us that Acer repeats in automobile alliances. Lamborghini VX2, here now the day. A price of 3200 $, which is rather high, but nevertheless reasonable considering the performances of the animal. One speaks about a screen of 15.4 inches WSXGA+ with a processor Intel Korea Duo 2 of 2.16Ghz. As regards the hard disk, one speaks about 160Gig and for the graphics board about a NVIDIA GeForce 7700 about 512 megs. For the connector industries have see appearing ?draft-n? what implies a chip Wifi NR and of an exit DVI.

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FrSirt just discovered a flaw in Sony Ericsson cell 4. The problem comes from the Bluetooth module. Cherie Gary, responsible for Sony Ericsson said in a email send a Cnet "The opportunity to exploit this vulnerability, the highlighted product is very limited. Effects seen in that if you attacked your assailant is a 10metre less than you and a simple reboot of your cell phone and everything is again as before. But if Sony Ericsson does not pay attention to the Bluetooth flaw, it can be a bad sign for the rest.

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