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It is a English university based at Montreal, Concordia, which was installed with the help of Cisco the first WiFi network N (802.11n) in Canada. With this network could be used for VOIP applications or cell phone on campus through the network Mesh. The university will charge the user of this network the modest sum of $ 8.99 for external connections per month which is a very large can compare to offer WiFi G offered in cafes between Duke downtown Montreal. Cisco and Concordia reminder that their technology partnership lasts for a very long time and they are very proud to offer students at Concordia this unique network for the time being.

"Our IT organization serves as a service provider, a storage provider, a software provider, and more," said Andrew McAusland, associate vice president of Instructional and Information Technology Services at Concordia University. "We make a conscientious effort to provide our students with advanced services. This represents a significant part of our vision and commitment to all Concordians. Our work with Cisco, particularly the combination of 802.11n wireless networking, VoIP over WLAN, outdoor mesh and seamless mobile collaboration technologies, brings this vision to life."

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Lastly, an agreement was finally concluded between the 2 American giants from data processing. The 2 companies signed a contract which makes it possible Apple to use the name of iPhone and makes it possible Cisco to continue to use it for its telephones IP, sold by Linksys (Division of Cisco). No additional information relating to the agreement was revealed. The iPhone of Apple should be born with the current of the summer in our American neighbors and towards the end of the year 2007 for Canada. Rogers should be the only one to distribute the cellular one of Apple to Canada with his network GSM.

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Autonet, a small company of San Francisco, will launch in March, a rather particular router. D-Link and some other companies have already their own router who can collect cellular waves CDMA (Bell and Telus) and to redistribute them via WiFi, but him of Autonet can connect in lights cigarette. Of a small size and a robust pace it will cost of them you 400 $ American in addition to the cellular transfer which, here in Canada, will cost you an arm quite simply. For 50 $ in the United States you can benefit from an unlimited fixed price, but here 250megs will cost you 100 $ in best fixed prices.


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In the battle of the multinationals who want to take control of San Francisco with wireless waves. A new form just after the formation of Seakay Inc, creates unique and special for the occasion by Cisco and IBM here is that Google announced its partnership with EarthLink inc. EarthLink is not his first attack of walking Wifi, it has already gained experience in Philadelphia. With their project, Google and EarthLink, said to cover 95% of the city of San Francisco. A service has 1M bps per second will be offered to the subscriber (paying) from EarthLink and Google will provide the service has 300k bps for free in exchange for advertising. The equipment chosen is Motorola. Have learned to win the tender later this year.

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