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The Samsung Infuse, a 4G device headed to AT&T in the United States, has been confirmed to be coming to Canada. The Infuse 4G features a 4.5" (450x800) "Super AMOLED Plus" touch screen display, and runs Android 2.2 at launch. Powered by a 1.2GHz processor, the Infuse also comes with an 8MP camera with LED flash and 1080p HD video recording capabilities, and has an addition front-facing 1.3MP camera for video calling. No word yet on when the device will arrive, or which carrier it will be available from, but we'll be sure to keep you posted!


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Smartphone more sold at AT&T, BlackJack of Samsung, has been just seen offering a free guarantee to all those which have been bought at AT&T and Cingular for the last 30 days. Samsung offered little time ago an update for Windows Mobile 6 in order to be able to continue to compete with the other devices, especially the iPhone of Apple. BlackJack of Samsung also draws favours network HDSPA of AT&T to the size of the United States.


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Motorola and AT&T (ex Cingular) worked jointly to develop this very solid and powerful device. All that one can wish was installed in this device. One thinks of a GPS, reader of code-bar, WiFi, Bluetooth and obviously Windows Mobile 5. Maybe the only gap of this device. The keyboard makes think of the first Blackberry of Research In Motion. Available from here a few weeks, it will cost approximately 700 $ USD of them.


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If one believes CNET of them, Cingular would have confirmed that the iPhone of Apple will be available to the sale next on June 11. This information is to be taken with prudence. The escape would come from a agent of the sales who would be well placed to Cingular and which did not reveal its identity obviously. What would coincide with Apple Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple often announced new products.

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Cingular presented in the secrecy its current and future machines which will have Windows Mobile 6. It would be a question of Palm Treo 750, BlackJack of Samsung and Cingular 8525. The updates would be offered free to the owner of these devices very soon during May probably.

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The fashion, being with the red, it is time. Palm and AT&T decided to offer Palm Treo 680 in red. It is marketed under the name of AT&T, and not of Cingular. It is already available in the stores and can be interesting since the red is really pretty. Perhaps that TELUS or BELL will offer it soon to us.

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Cingular and Motorola decided to offer a RAZR of color gold. It resembles much Dolce Gabana, which coutait nevertheless very expensive. The characteristics are identical to V3xx of origin. It you will coutera of them 280 $ without contract or 100 $ with a 2 year old subscription at Cingular. It is now available in store or online

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It is the Web site BlackBerryCool which teaches us that Cingular should offer soon an offer nevertheless interesting and who would apply to the Blackberry 8800c. If you buy three Blackberry and three contracts of data (the fixed price voice would not be necessary), you receive a reduction of 500 $ on your credit card Visa.

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Apple is accustomed to like many large data-processing companies making at their head and listening to only their opinion. The originator of the iPhone wanted from of nothing to escape this tradition. Cingular will not have indeed practically any control on the contents of the apparatus. Normally a cellular telephone once chosen by a cellular operator and then conveyed in a department of the operator to be put at the color of the operator. For example, navigator Internet, ringing, screen of day before, remote loading of song on the gate of the operator. But Wall Street Journal teaches us that the navigator Web of the iPhone is Safari and that its system of operation will be OS X. the leaders of Cingular will not have seen the apparatus only a few days before launching in Macworld Expo 2007 a few weeks ago. One can easily thought that it will be the same for Rogers in Canada.


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The last apparatus from RIM, BlackBerry8800, which was revealed with the 3GSM of Barcelona last week has been just approved for the sale in the United States. This does not constitute a surprise, but which was the last stage before the exit of the apparatus in the United States. Several people on BlackBerry forums already stated to have the apparatus which was bought in a Cingular store. Blackberry 8800 should not be here available before March to Canada.


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