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WIND Mobile is offering up a promotion to customers looking to get a Samsung Gravity 2 in the near-future, including a free bluetooth headset and car charger with every device purchase. The Samsung Gravity 2 features a 2.2" (240x320) display, slide out QWERTY keyboard, along with a microSD slot for memory expansion up to 16GB. At only $130 contract-free, this new promotion makes the Gravity 2 a good choice for anybody looking keep costs low.


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We were likely to be able to test this headset which is extremely well designed and really comfortable. The company which manufactures the Flamingo headset is CellPoint which is little known in Canada but which is very present in Europe. This headset is really designed for no matter whom and is perfect, not it is not even strong like words, in any situation. Extremely discrete and light have forgets completely after a few minutes. EarClick technology conceived by CellPoint Connect makes it possible really to adapt the headset to your ear.


Several small adapters are included in the box and you can choose him which is conceived best for your ear. To add to simplicity and professionalism, the headset as well as the adapters of ear are designed in a material not allergen. The design is really what is most interesting and impressive. The originators specify that the design is Scandinavian and is really discrete. An extremely rare thing is that CellPoint Connect thought of including a base as a charger. I adore the stations of reception patriarchal what makes it possible to avoid letting trail your headset on the desk and to damage it with the first coffee damage. The headset and the base are magnetized what makes it possible to hold it well in place in time deposited on the basis.




In addition to all these advantages a technology which makes it possible to erase the noises which are around of you, so that your interlocutor to hear you perfectly. The Flamingo headset uses obviously Bluetooth technology in its version 1.2 what allows a range of ten meters. The devices on which used we it detected and used without the least problem. We tested it with a Blackberry 8800, a HTC s621, UTSarcom 6700 and Sony Ericsson W810. But it functions obviously on any Bluetooth apparatus and also on telephones IP for example the Skype apparatuses. The battery will give you approximately 8 hours of use in mode conversation and of minimum a 180 hours in mode takes care.

Goods with dimensions
Very elegant design
Material of High Quality
Support of Office
Adapt to each person
Very long duration of VI E

The bad with dimensions ones

Simply no point, this auricle is quite simply brilliant in any point.

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Si vous ?tes propri?taire d'un cellulaire Nokia et qu'il est de la Nseries et Eseries, vous pourrez t?l?charger gratuitement le Nokia Mobile Search. Ce petit logiciel vous permettra de rechercher toute l'information que vous voulez rapidement dans votre t?l?phone. ? la mani?re des logiciels sur PC, le Nokia Mobile Search index tout les informations de votre cellulaire et vous les renvoie rapidement lorsque demand?. Il permet aussi de faire des recherches pr?cises sur internet.

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