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We informed you of the intention of Telus of its impetus in the pornography a few days ago. Since several reactions are made hear in discredit, obviously, of the decision of Telus. Raymond Roussin of the Catholic Church declared in Toronto Stars, that Telus was caught some once again, with the vulnerable people and that Telus encourages people used the pornography on Internet with his attitude. In addition to these declarations, M.Roussin required of all the Catholic Churches which make deal with Telus not to renew their contract. The spokesman of Telus, Jim Johannsson, answered that even with all the respect which it has as a Mr. Roussin Telus does not have any control and which Telus follows the reality of today. Another Institution, Meritas Mutual Fund as affirmed its disappointment of Telus by declaring perhaps as Telus did not include/understand the impacts on its reputation. Is such an amount of history for pornographic films, there a difference between a video clip of Britney Spears and a pornographic Film? With you to judge?

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