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Sony Ericsson used be known for their Walkman and Cyber-shot handsets, and were met with considerable success as a manufacturer before smartphones became popular. Lately, they have been placing most of their focus on Android devices, and it looks like the specialties might re-appear, together.

Images were recently leaked online of a Sony Ericsson Xperia handset that is branded with "cyber-shot" text. There isn't any Android branding on the device, that's visible anyways, but the button layout strongly hints at that it will be an Android handset. While this one is definitely still just a rumour, it makes sense that Sony Ericsson would make a move like this. Hopefully we'll see this device, or something similar, launch very soon!


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HTC has just announced two new Android devices that will be hitting the European and Asian markets in Q2 2011, and the U.S. later in the year. The HTC ChaCha and Salsa both feature dedicated Facebook buttons, allowing users to access the popular social networking site with a single click of the button. It will also allow for speedy status updates, simple sharing, and quick photo uploads. No word yet on if or when these handsets will arrive in Canada, but we should see them around the same time that the U.S. does.

The ChaCha features a physical QWERTY keyboard located under the 2.6" (480x320) display, along with a 5MP camera with LED flash, and a secondary front-facing VGA camera. The Salsa has similar specifications, but has a larger touchscreen (3.4") and lacks the physical keyboard. Both devices will launch running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and will be powered by 600MHz proccessors.



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Those who have been holding out for the iPhone 4 in white received some disappointing news today, as Apple Spokeswoman Trudy Muller stated "We?re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone 4 yet again, but we?ve decided to delay its release until this Spring." The delay is rumoured to be because they are having difficulty matching the homescreen button to the rest of the housing, though this hasn't been confirmed, and probably never will be. Certainly disappointing news, but at least it hasn't been scrapped altogether. Are you going to hold out for a bit longer for the iPhone 4 in white?


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TAXIGUY and Molson have teamed up to offer a new, free cab calling application that allows users to get connected with a local taxi company by pressing a single button. The application is available on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android handsets, or the service can be accessed from other handsets by dialing 1-888-TAXIGUY. The technology behind the application is simple, the application determines your location based on the cell phone tower you're connected to, and dials a local cab company based on that location - so no GPS is required.


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Bell has made available this week a device that is availiable only for Bell for the moment, the LG Muziq. It has an FM transmitter, a camera 1.3 mega-pixels and a Bluetooth Stereo. The external buttons are the same type as those that were placed on the LG Chocolate. Bell?s announcement as the ideal device for the music fans. It is already available for sale at a cost of $ 79.95 with a contract 3 years. Otherwise it is sold for a price of 299.95 $ without a contract.


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Rogers has just announced the exit of a new device Sony Ericsson of the Walkman range. Sony Ericsson W580i really is very fashion and very tendency with its button only dedicated to the music. It is enough simply to ?shaker? the device for exchange of song or to answer a call. It is sold with a memory card of 512 megs what is nevertheless relatively weak. Rogers offers in options a card 2gig, which it would be to better buy in a store specialized in data processing. He will cost of them you 149.99$ with a contract of 3ans at Rogers.


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Here, the new PPC6800 or VX6800, have speaks about a virtually identical machine except the design and the fact that it there does not have any more (large) antennas and seems also less thick. The numerical camera was improved to 2.0 megas-pixel instead of 1.3 mega-pixel. The internal storage was quadrupled with 256megs and some buttons were added. Disappointing or amusing thing, for some, being with dimensions memory boards, it is is not more Minis-Sd, but well Microphone-SD. It will be launched in May in the United States at Sprint and Verizon. With noted that the PPC6700 is available at Bell and Telus to Canada since can of time.


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