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The Canadian new entrants have been making the news a lot lately, which is undoubtedly a good thing for them from a marketing and advertising perspective. Public Mobile has recently extended their Greater Toronto Area coverage zone to include Mississauga, which is great news for both existing customers, and those who live in the area who have may be interested in signing up. In addition to the zone stretch to Mississauga, Public Mobile is apparently working on expanding the network to Brampton by the end of the year as well, reaching even more potential customers and increasing coverage for existing ones. It's always good to see carriers working at offering more to customers, so kudos to Public Mobile on this one!


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Of course, Now that it does not even talk of WiMax as in the United States, then it is understandable that Rogers is the first company in North America to test the generation 3.5. The tests were conducted in the cities of Montreal and Brampton, Ontario. We talk more specifically HSPA / UMTS that will allow speeds of 7.2 Mbps. Rogers says they had invested about $ 500 million since the last 2 years in its 3G cellular network.

"The consumer appetite for mobile applications is undeniable in Canada and around the world," said Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Wireless." The data speeds achieved in this trial will enable Rogers to meet our customers' needs with the most advanced, innovative services today and in the future."

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