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According to a recent blog post from Rogers, Microsoft's Mike O'Sullivan stated that Canadians would soon be seeing new form factors for Windows Phone 7 devices, including some new handsets with full hardware QWERTY keyboards. It'll be nice to see more devices added to this category that run on Windows Phone 7, as so far the only handset meeting this criteria is LG Optimus Quantum. Could this mean we'll see HTC 7 Pro come to Canada? Hopefully, but only time will tell!


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Google have stated on the Android Developers Blog that they will be introducing new payment methods to the Android Market on "authorized carriers". At this time there is no further information available as to when this change will be made, or if any Canadian carriers will be supported at launch, but developments like this can only mean positive changes in the future - no matter how far away. Speculation points to a delayed release of the new payment method north of the border, seeing as paid applications took significantly longer to come to Canada than the U.S., but we'll be sure to keep you informed.


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In a recent blog post, Public Mobile officially announced that they will be launching their Montreal network this Friday, June 25th. Along with the launch comes the end of their pre-network offer giving those who sign up early free unlimited Canadian long distance for life. For those in Montreal planning to switch to Public Mobile, head to a retail location now to buy your phone and sign up.

Public Mobile, one of the new entrants in Canada offering contract-free services, also aims to secure customers by offering up unlimited talk and text plans, as well as affordable handset prices.


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Nokia now offers Windows Live Mobile, which gives access to Hotmail, Messenger and the blogs Spaces, in its SmartPhone S60 and will make in the same way with its S40 later the next year. Microsoft introduces more and more its mobile software into the cellular devices. The continuation, Windows Live Mobile is available with all the devices which turn under Windows Mobile 6.

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Rogers and MySpace announced that they had gotten along on exclusiveness in Canada; it is Rogers who will offer a service MySpace Mobile on his devices. The subscribers of this service will be able to add tickets and comments on the blogs MySapce. They will be able also to carry out research of friends, to answer the email, to modify the MySpace profile like consulting their bulletins. Let us recall that MySpace is available to English Canada and French.

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Mike Hall, which is "Microsoft Windows Embedded senior technical product to manage", comes from published a small interesting article which shows us (another time still) the difference between Windows Mobile and Windows CE..Le blog MSDN de Mike Hall The whole is nevertheless quite interesting. Small precision, to bring by, these that Mike Hall not spoken about the Licences of Windows Mobile and Windows What are very different. Windows Mobile is distributed to a small d'entreprises number certified and Windows CE is distributed on the Web site of Microsoft for a noncommercial use.

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Who has ever been lost in the world of the terminology of our wonderful world of mobile? Although the blog "Mkehall's Embedded" MSDN, explains the difference between the 2 systems, which are different but still looks great. Read here .

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The Wall Street Journal tells us about this information from the pen of Jane Spencer. With the WSJ 9information to find on have learned that a gunshot emit 140 decibels and a mp3 player a 115 decibel high volume. Have also spoken of the former guitarist of "Who", which attributes the continued use of headphones for serious hearing problems, Pete Townshend who warn us about his blog, with serious hearing problems to what users of ipod and other mp3 player will face one day.

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