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Rogers has announced that it's Handset Protection Guarantee program will be launching on May24th, and will be available at no charge to their customers. The program will cover loss, theft, and damage, and will offer a subsidization on repairs or replacement phones, sometimes including a $0 device option. The $0 option will be available to customers who are taking advantage of the program for the first time, and will typically include lower-end devices, while the subsidization option can be used towards repair or towards new/refurbished replacement models for any lost, stolen, or broken handset.

Rogers states the program is the first in Canada, as Bell and Telus device protection plans both come at a $7/month cost. While these programs do come with a monthly cost, they differ because they guarantee a replacement model that is comparable to their lost, stolen, or broken device.

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It seems as though Koodo/RIM have developed a website for BIS registration, in what looks to be preparation for an upcoming product launch. It's speculated that Koodo will begin offering the 8530, and at least one variation of the Pearl sometime in the near-future.

Currently, Koodo does not offer any standard data packages to it's customers, but that should change along with the addition of some Blackberry devices to it's catalogue. Unfortunately, no word yet on device or plan pricing.

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March is the month of security at Fido and Rogers, but an employee must?ve forgotten about it. A user by the name of FidoMarketing leaked this lineup for Q2. This includes leaks for both handsets and plans.

? BlackBerry Pearl 9100 ? May 4th
? LG GW300 ? April 13th
? Nokia 3710 ? May 18th
? Nokia X3 ? May 18th
? Novatel Wireless MC988DF 28.8mbps ? May
? Sony Ericsson Aspen ? June

In terms of plans, Fido UNO, Fido?s UMA service, will be discontinued as of June 1st. Subscribers will have their service grandfathered. Also, a new CarryOver Minutes plan (not available to City Fido or corporate customers) will be introduced which allows one to accumulate rollover minutes over 6 months.

Data plans will also get a bit of a change with news plans to compete with the industry?s new players

? $15 ? Unlimited Email and IM for Blackberry
? $15 ? 100MB/100MB BIS (retention only)
? $25 ? 500MB/500MB BIS
? $30 ? 1GB/1GB BIS
? $40 ? 2GB/2GB BIS
? $40 ? 3GB (rentention only)
? $50 ? 5GB
? Internet stick $50 ? 15GB (retention only)
? $80 ? 8GB
? $150 ? 15GB
All we need is to wait and see if this leak is official or not. Q2 is only a couple of weeks away?

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Mitsubishi releases we Projector LED DLP, the PocketProjector , for nomads or those who need to make a presentation of impromptu moments. it has a resolution SVGA 800 x 600. It has a weight of about 400grammes. Mitshubishi states that the lamp has a long lifetime. It will be available in Canada in July.

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