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With the Windows Phone 7 launch event occurring today, we've gotten quite a bit of information on exactly what to expect for the platform, and what type of hardware will be launching using the new OS. One of the first bits of news to come out of the event, is that eBay has developed an application for Windows Phone 7 devices that should be completely ready when the first devices hit the North American market later this month. The application will have many features that other platform's eBay apps include, among which are daily deals, a search function, the ability to bid on items, and a full activity monitoring system for watchlists, messages, etc. Additionally, users will be able to pay for purchased using PayPal, so gone are the days of sitting at home to keep an eye on that item you so desperately want!

It's great to see applications emerge already, before the new platform even hits the market. With any luck we'll see a slew of other applications prepared for launch to go along with the nice variety of devices launching in the coming months running on the new operating system.


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The Conservative government recently announced by the voice of the Federal Minister of Industry Jim Prentice that bid for new cellular frequencies will be in may. Surroundings 105 megahertz will be available to provide more bandwidth to run multimedia applications more and more present, as video telephony. As it is 105 megahertz, about 40 megahertz is reserved for the new player so that the three operators are present as Bell, Rogers and Telus buy all new frequencies. This decision, which is likely to be challenged by several companies, should be beneficial for consumers Canadian who pays too much for device and their cellular plan.

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The Iraqi government has just announced that 3 licenses to become a mobile operator in Iraq were now on sale with the biddings. After several years of restriction and embargoes on the traditional telephones, the Iraqis became fond of delicacies cellular devices and except the bombs Iraq is probably a rather promising market.

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Rumors have court in Canada in this moment with the effect that the iPhone would not be available there because of the high prices of the fixed prices given. Indeed, no unlimited fixed price of data exists at Rogers and the fixed prices of data in force in Canada are very expensive. I would be very surprised that it is the exact reason, although the iPhone is very gourmand in band-width of its many functions multimedia. Fido had already made a fixed price given unlimited for HipTop (SideKick) which cost only 20 $ per month. I also doubt that a representative of Rogers entrusted this kind of information to an employee especially who they are not very advantageous for Rogers. In Canada there is one Operator GSM with the result that Apple cannot make assemble the biddings as regards the royalties on the fixed prices which must be to pour to them by the operators who want to offer the iPhone has his customers. Rogers who is not the kind of company to be made say what to make, really should not have courted Apple like could do it AT&T in the United States. Moreover, I believe that people from Apple can count and know the Canadian market rather well to know that they will not sell 100.000 iPhone in one week. Apple, which should sell some much more in Europe, must want to concentrate on Europe for the moment. While acting in this way, Apple puts the pressure on Rogers who will have to fold one day or the other.

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Telus has just published this court communicated to announce that it BCE. Several people who say very well to know the Canadian market of telecommunications. They had for the majority marked that Telus was the best and best placed to buy BCE.

TELUS today announced that it has elected not to submit an offer to acquire BCE as part of the strategic review process announced by BCE on April 17, 2007. The inadequacies of BCE's bid process did not make it possible for TELUS to submit an offer.

Teacher which is also on the rows to acquire also already criticized the process of sale. It remains those 4 companies on the rows to buy BCE. One speaks about KKR, Teachers, Cerberus, Catalyst Management. Let us recall that the offer of repurchase of BCE finishes today.

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The company which manages the .mobi announced bidding to buy about fifteen fields which are ?highly desired? according to the organization. The bidding will take place on March 7 in the carding brush of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WEST 2007 of Las Vegas. Among the fields which could be bought one can find:,,,,,,,,,,,, and Already 400.000 fields in .mobi were already recorded since 2006. Here the official site of dotMobi.

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Subscribed of Vodaphone Italy will be able to use before all Europe the new mobile services of E-Bay on cellular. The mobile application will be available directly since the Vodaphone apparatuses and will make it possible to see its biddings, the results, your orders and any activity which are available on the normal site of E-Bay. Available in Italy in first, but the application will be available in all Europe from here the end 2007.

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