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Only a few days away from the official Canadian launch of the highly-anticipated iPhone 4, Apple has announced that they will be opening the doors to their retail stores at 7am. The iPhone 4 will be available at Apple stores on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of 2 per customer. Remember, Apple is also giving away free bumper cases to anyone who purchases an iPhone 4 to help with antenna issue, but handset stock is sure to run out quickly, so grab your new iPhone as soon as possible.


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Despite the antenna and reception issues experienced by users outside of Canada who got their hands on the iPhone 4 last month, many Canadians are still excited to get one of these devices. We know the second wave of the launch was announced as July 30th, and within the last week or so both Telus and Bell have began advertising that same release date, offering even more confirmation. Additionally, Best Buy Canada has gotten an early start, selling iPhone 4 accessories already.

The only real question remains, will there be an early upgrade program for the iPhone 4 in Canada? Rogers customer service representatives seem to think so, but confirmation is yet to be received. We'll be sure to let you know once more information is released.


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Apple held an iPhone 4 press conference on Friday, to discuss the new devices antenna issues and announce information on the launch of the handset in the remainder of locations that didn't get it back in June. To compensate customers, Apple are giving away a free case or bumper to help with the issue to anybody who has purchased an iPhone 4, an offer which stands until September 30th. The exciting news for Canadians is the announcement of the launch on Friday, July 30th. Bell has also confirmed this launch date, though no pricing information has been released as of yet, though we'll be sure to let you know once it has.


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The Rogers ZTE Rock F165 is a rugged-like device with a 2.0 mega pixels camera. A second front facing camera is also include to make video calls. Rogers claim Rogers ZTE Rock F165 is the perfect cellphone for outdoor enthusiasts. The Rogers ZTE Rock F165 include also a extendable antenna for a better recepetion (realy?). Rogers sale this device for 79.99$ with a 3years contract, it?s very expensive for a ZTE device, rugged or not.


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HP Canada has cancelled the iPAQ 600, but information are not easy to have about this. We have see a page on the Canadian HP web site, with information about the iPAQ 600 and this page announced ?coming soon? but this page are removed of HP Canada web site. After verification with HP Canada, they have announced the HP iPAQ 600 are been cancelled in Canada same thing in USA. This is a bad news, because this device has a GSM antenna for use like a cell phone with more function of the iPAQ 510 and not old like HP iPAQ 6955 sale by Rogers. The iPAQ 600 are only sale in Europe and HP has no comment on the reason of this cancellation in USA or in Canada.


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Sasktel has unveiled a new device available to its customers with the LG 570 Muziq. This device was already available at Bell and is a device that still offers some nice features seen its price. A 1.3 mega pixel camera, a Bluetooth connection that supports Bluetooth stereo headphones and an antenna Fm are on the menu. It is available at a price of $ 119.99 with a contract for 3 years with Sasktel or $ 339.00 without a contract.


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The Internet Tablet Nokia N810 is now on sale in Canada This is the improved version of the Internet Tablet N800 we had already tested. The Nokia N810 has a touch screen for 4.13-inch 800x640 which can very well read the traditional web pages even with a relatively small screen. Side power, the Nokia N810 has a TI OMAP 2420 processor running at 400mhz and 128meg DDR2 memory in terms of RAM. Side connection we find all that is necessary except an antenna GSM or CDMA. However, there is a G WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and a GPS, which uses the software WayFinder.


Nokia Store

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The future Wi-Fi network in joint venture Radioactif and Nomade Telecom would severely delayed and will not be available as planned for September. In an interview given by the president of the Nomade Telecom to the Quebec website Branchez-Vous, "Luc Picard said routers which are scheduled to arrive from Europe by one or two weeks and will take at least three weeks to be installed. Problems for installation are also reported because it is not easy to find a good roof to install the wireless equipment. According to Branchez-Vous, the first step will be limited to the main streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal (St-Denis Street). Radioactif and Nomade Telecom will focus on the rest in the city of Montreal in installing antennas on lampposts of the Montreal city. According to Luc Picard, the city of Montreal would be open to the project, but negotiations are still quite long. To recall, this network will use Wimax technology to connect WiFi routers between them and distribute them to the internet anywhere on the island of Montreal (when router are install). They make use of Wimax technology helps eliminate the cables between Wifi routers.

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The small antenna designed by hField Technologie makes it possible to increase by much the range of your Wifi transmitter. The company announces a range without problem of approximately 1000 feet what seems realistic. The device seems very well to hold on the screen of a portable computer what is very practical. The device is compatible Mac and Windows and costs approximately 80 $.


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Verizon announced that it would now offer the modem USB Sierra Wireless 595u, which was here already available to Canada at Bell and Telus. The modem uses technology EVDO rev. A also makes it possible to use the external antenna for best carried. It will be available on August 30 in the stores and will cost 179.99 with a 2 year old contract.


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