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We recently let you know that Bell and Virgin Mobile were getting set to launch the Motorola MOTOLUXE, with Bell planning on doing so on May 22nd. Details were unclear for Virgin Mobile, but right on time with Bell, the Motorola MOTOLUXE is now available.

The MOTOLUXE features a 4? (480 x 854) touch screen display, and is powered by an 800 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. It features an 8 MP camera with LED flash, and a front-facing VGA camera. The MOTOLUXE runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread along with Motorola?s new interface featuring their Social Graph, Activity Graph, Music+, and Smart Gallery.

The Motorola MOTOLUXE is now available from Bell and Virgin Mobile. Bell is offering it up for free on a 3 year term or $299.95 no-term. Virgin Mobile was supposed to launch it for free as well (on a term) according to Motorola, however they currently have it listed at $29.99 on a 3 year term or SuperTab, and a very affordable $229.99 with a monthly plan.


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Motorola has sent out a press release officially announcing that the MOTOLUXE is heading to Canada, with a scheduled Q2 release. This new Android handset from Motorola features a new user-interface that ?learns? about your use and tailors certain parts of your home screen to your behaviour. For instance, the contacts you interact with most often will have larger icons than the rest on your home screen, and the ?Activity Graph? will display your most used applications. The device also has a multi-coloured LED indicator, something BlackBerry handsets (with the use of 3rd party apps for advanced customization) have had for some time.

Other features include its 4? (480 x 854)) touch screen display, and 8 MP camera with flash and HD video capture. It has an 800 MHz processor, 1 GB of internal storage, and 512 MB of RAM. The current version of the handset available outside of Canada runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so we?ll probably see this at launch as well.

Pricing and carrier availability are currently unconfirmed, though rumours around the internet point to Bell and Virgin Mobile picking this device up. With the modest specifications and unique, software-oriented approach, we should see the Motorola MOTOLUXE on the lower end of the pricing spectrum.


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With the Windows Phone 7 launch event occurring today, we've gotten quite a bit of information on exactly what to expect for the platform, and what type of hardware will be launching using the new OS. One of the first bits of news to come out of the event, is that eBay has developed an application for Windows Phone 7 devices that should be completely ready when the first devices hit the North American market later this month. The application will have many features that other platform's eBay apps include, among which are daily deals, a search function, the ability to bid on items, and a full activity monitoring system for watchlists, messages, etc. Additionally, users will be able to pay for purchased using PayPal, so gone are the days of sitting at home to keep an eye on that item you so desperately want!

It's great to see applications emerge already, before the new platform even hits the market. With any luck we'll see a slew of other applications prepared for launch to go along with the nice variety of devices launching in the coming months running on the new operating system.


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TD Bank has announced they will be launching an Android application very soon that will allow customers to login to their online profile, view account balances and recent activity, as well as transfer funds. The application will be available to Canadian Android users in the near-future, and resembles the iPhone application they also recently launched. With the application already available on BlackBerry handsets as well, TD Bank has the 3 major smartphone platforms covered for Canadians.


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We received a lot of e-mail (Thanks Migg and Gadgetorama) informing us that the Canadian web site of Apple posted a conference on the iPhone in Eaton Center of Toronto. We have been get a photo of the screen announcing this event. This is a conference to teach you how to use your "new iPhone." The meetings are scheduled on Saturday afternoons from 10 November to 24 November. It also seems possible to register for these meetings, but the Apple site informs us that the activity is now "reserved". You be the judge, maybe is just an error of Apple Webmaster but it really begins to feel the iPhone.

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YouTube property of Google comes from published a version of its Web site for the apparatuses nomad. Two versions of the site seem to be created, for the PDA et smartphone and another version for cellular Nokia of the N-Series. For the moment, the only activity suggested is to look at the vid?os directly on your apparatus, but you cannot not sent the vid?os directly since your mobile. Soon available especially to the United States of the fixed prices suggested at Verizion will allow your place to look at vid?os on YouTube without spent your fixed price dated.

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Subscribed of Vodaphone Italy will be able to use before all Europe the new mobile services of E-Bay on cellular. The mobile application will be available directly since the Vodaphone apparatuses and will make it possible to see its biddings, the results, your orders and any activity which are available on the normal site of E-Bay. Available in Italy in first, but the application will be available in all Europe from here the end 2007.

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Rogers and Ericsson has just won the Web Marketing Association's 10th Annual WebAward Competition. Winners were selected based on 7 criteria, including web site design, ease of use, copyright, interactivity, use of available technology and innovation and finally the content. The winner site was designed by Zoom under the leadership of Ericsson on behalf of Rogers Wireless Canada. The site was more active during the World Cup Soccer 2006, giving the result of the match, sending sms alert etc..

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