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Bell will add the LG Bliss, a touch cellphone with vibration feedback. The LG Bliss of Bell include a 2.0 mega pixels, a Bluetooth connection, 4 customizable home screens and is also compatible with all service of Bell Mobility. (FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, GPS, TV, Radio, MSN Messenger and Yahoo)


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The mobile software offered by Yahoo is now available to the remote loading for the users of device HTC. The continuation, software Yahoo Go 2.0, makes it possible to use several services online offered by Yahoo, but of a manner much plain, Yahoo Mail for example belonged to the pack Yahoo GO 2.0. If you have a machine HTC you have only to return to you with your device on and to download the file .cab. The instructions are very plain then to install Yahoo Go 2.0.

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Virgin Mobile the USA announced jointly with Yahoo! that mobile software of Yahoo! will be integrated into cellular sold by Virgin. Virgin Mobile the USA is regarded as the largest virtual operator in the United States. (The Canadian subsidiary company of Virgin is also the largest virtual operator in Canada.) Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Email will be the first with being integrated into cellular Virgin and a section of remote loading of the Yahoo! software will be also integrated in the telephones.

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Rogers announced that his portable service Internet Yahoo! High-Speed will see its cover extending on approximately 100 urban and rural zones. Let us recall that this service makes it possible to transport a special modem High-Speed anywhere and thus to benefit from a good access has Internet. The modem uses the Inukshuk network conceived by Bell and Rogers to send and receive information. Ontario and Quebec are touched by advertisement. To have more information on the availability in your area here the site of Rogers

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Yahoo! and HTC concluded an agreement so that several devices HTC which soon will be available will be sold by including the software: Yahoo! Mobile Go for, Yahoo! Email and another service offered by Yahoo!. The last-born child of Yahoo! Yahoo! oneSeach will be also of the part. The agreement will allow Yahoo! to impose itself in the devices.

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It is today at the beginning of the 3GSM in Barcelona that RIM and Rogers chose to launch Blackberry 8800. It is known that a GPS is integrated in the apparatus, a screen of 320x240 and 64 megs of ROMANIAN. It supports also Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk in addition to being able listened to MP3. RIM announces obviously and proudly also that Blackberry 8800 will be of exclusiveness at Rogers. The apparatus should be available to March at Rogers.


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Only 1 month after having launched its service in Beta, here that Yahoo! launch Yahoo! Go Mobile in version 2. Now, the software is available for more than 100 models of cellular different and was downloaded 400.000 times since its launching in Beta version. However, the great innovation is that publicity is posted. When you click on the aforementioned publicity, instead of seeing the Web site, the cellular one composes the number of the advertising executive and informs you about what you clicked. Yahoo! Go Mobile is available also for Windows Mobile and Symbian.

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LG and Yahoo! Announced a new partnership to encourage the users of cellular to use the mobile services (Yahoo! Go Mobile, Yahoo! Email and Yahoo! Messenger) of Yahoo!. The small last of Yahoo! , Yahoo! One Search, will be also available in the new cellular LG. The partnership should begin, at the latest in 2007 and the 2 companies think has to extend it from other produced of LG.

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ahoo! just lift the veil on its first and next UMPC. A beautiful machine in appearance and certainly powerful enough because Intel is involved in future product development of Yahoo!. The sources spoke of a coming out in 2007. For photos it here .

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For users of Yahoo! Here's good news. Yahoo! apparently anticipated the release of its software suite for Windows Mobile. You may like to use services such as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Photos.

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