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According to several leaks that have recently surfaced on the internet, RIM have been working on a new BlackBerry Storm device, and up until recently it was unclear as to what the device would feature. Finally, we've been told that the next device in the Storm line-up will be the 9570, which is more or less a refreshed version of the Storm 2. Physically, the device is practically identical to it's predecessor, with the biggest change coming in the additional RAM, which is now up to 512MB. Based on the information found so far, it seems like this device is nothing more than refreshed version of the Storm 2, equipped to handle BlackBerry 6.

It's strange to see RIM release refreshed versions of existing models, especially considering their push to change the public's view of BlackBerry devices. The Torch is a great step forward for the Canadian-based company, but one can't help but wonder if the rest of these "interim" devices are actually intended for long-term use, or if they are merely intended to keep users busy until a new (maybe QNX developed) OS is prepared to take over after a short BlackBerry 6 life-span. Don't get me wrong, the Torch and BlackBerry 6 are a great improvement, but there's certainly still room to grow.

While it's been confirmed this handset will hit Verizon Wireless in the U.S., nothing has come to light regarding the device in Canada as of yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated!


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Not even two months after announcing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is back today with another event in which it revealed the Project Pink lineup, which includes the handsets known as the KIN ONE and KIN TWO. Both devices are manufactured by Sharp, the ones behind most of Danger?s sidekicks. For now the launch will be at Verizon wireless in May with a GSM version later this summer.

The main purpose of these devices is to regroup every social networks and instant information sharing under one roof. This will be the craze for every tech hungry hipsters!

KIN ONE specs

? Compact keypad for one-handed texting
? Multi-touch display
? 5 megapixel camera with flash and SD video recording
? External mono speaker
? 4GB internal memory (enough for 1,000 songs)
? Media powered by Zune

KIN TWO specs

? Horizontal sliding QWERTY keypad
? Multi-touch display
? 8 megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording
? External stereo speaker
? 8GB internal memory (enough for 2,000 songs)
? Media powered by Zune


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You can see in the Best Buy Mobile flyer of July, 2 new cellphones offers soon in Canada. The Telus HTC Snap and the Telus HTC Touch Pro 2. On the image you can see the HTC SNAP but the image choose the HTC Ozone (available in USA with Verizon) to show the HTC Snap. No exactly price for the moment but the HTC Snap and the HTC Touch Pro of Telus will be available before the end of July.


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Verizon announced yesterday that its new BlackBerry Pearl would be pink, then Bell responded on the other side of the border with the same device, but in red. It was already available in navy blue color (or black depending Bell). We received the BlackBerry Pearl of Bell navy blue sea and we will publish a review on this device very interesting and much smaller than the BlackBerry 8800. To recall the BlackBerry Pearl of Bell includes a digital camera of 2.0 mega pixels with a flash, a Bluetooth connection and also includes a GPS.


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According to rumors circulating on the Internet, the Blackberry 8130 Telus would be available from November 1. Verizon maybe also launch in 8130 in the United States on November 1. The Blackberry offers a digital camera of two mega pixels, a GPS and a Bluetooth connection. It is very likely that Research In Motion to answer HTC, which is very present in this moment in the Canadian market with Touch, S640 and probably soon HTC TyTn II at Rogers. The maker of Blackberry would probably respond to the advertising campaign by Rogers to promote its Windows Mobile devices. However, the date is not official, but it is clear that Research In Motion must act if he does not want to lose too much by the market in Canada.


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Indeed, Verizon launched yesterday officially its last device under Windows Mobile the Moto Q9m. To point out the Moto Q9m de Verizon has a camera of 1.3 mega-pixels, a keyboard QWERTY and functions under Windows Mobile 6 Standard. The device will be available in all the stores Verizon on August 29 next and is already available for the companies or via the Web.

verizon-motor bike-q9m.jpg

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Mobile CBS and Verizon have just confirmed that they were going to distribute the episodes of famous Late Show of David Letterman to the subscribers of Verizon. The episodes of Late Show animated by Craig Ferguson will be also available with the fixed price V Cast Video of Verizon. They are obviously videos to the request which have a price, but which can make spend time when one has only his ready cellular device.

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Several rumours circulate on the forums, which treat mobile technologies, with the effect that Telus would be on the point of offering the HTC Iris and the HTC Polaris has its customers. For a few months Telus has offered already signed devices HTC, and it would seem that the sales are enough surprising and Telus would like to offer some more. The HTC Iris is the successor, but nevertheless rather different, of the HTC s610 which is already offered at Rogers. According to information's which circulates, P3050 would be the HTC Polaris which will be offered, that some time before the HTC S640 which will be him available to September. Verizon and Sprint which launches the Motor bike Q one also can wonders whether Telus will offer the Moto Q9m has its customers. Here the HTC Iris:


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Verizon announced that it would now offer the modem USB Sierra Wireless 595u, which was here already available to Canada at Bell and Telus. The modem uses technology EVDO rev. A also makes it possible to use the external antenna for best carried. It will be available on August 30 in the stores and will cost 179.99 with a 2 year old contract.


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Updates which were withdrawn from the Web site of Palm since the update in question caused problems also the finished installation. According to Verizon it would be simply about too keen demand of only one blow which would have made plant the waiters. Several American Web sites, whose Brighthand, specialized in the mobile field, have another version. It would be particularly about the version under Palm OS which would create a problem of connection to the cellular network. An error of the type 300 would be posted on Plam, making it impossible to use. The touched customers have to only go in the Verizon store to nearest obtain a repair of their expensive devices.


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