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Bell will add the LG Bliss, a touch cellphone with vibration feedback. The LG Bliss of Bell include a 2.0 mega pixels, a Bluetooth connection, 4 customizable home screens and is also compatible with all service of Bell Mobility. (FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, GPS, TV, Radio, MSN Messenger and Yahoo)


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Here is a phone for a conventional line that provides the ability to use Windows Live Messenger without any computer nearby. In fact, the major feature of this device is to display your contact list MSN Messenger and you can ask them a voice conversation. In addition to this feature original and interesting enough, it is possible to call a conventional phone. >

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Bell revealed Motorola Q Edition Musical very discreetly. It is exactly about the same Moto Q as the old one except that Bell Mobility added a memory card of 2gig, stereo ear-phones and a card of 25 $ to the MSN Music Store. It will cost you 129.99 $ of them, which makes 30 $ of more than the standard version of Motorola Q with a contract of 3ans. It is surroundings the price of memory card of 2gig then you have 25 $ of music and the free ear-phones.

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After several weeks of rumour and invention of small expert of Photoshop, ZunePhone does not exist to declare Bill Gates at the time of an interview with Msnbc. It would nevertheless have been astonishing that Microsoft wants to build cellular telephones since Microsoft starts to hold a good part of the ground as regards the operating systems on cellular.

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Several American sites speak about rumours for purpose that the iPhone would be distributed by Rogers Without Fils to Canada. That surprises! If have know that the iPhone will be marketed in first on network GSM, have can already eliminate Telus (CDMA) and Bell (CDMA). Of as much more than Bell cannot be in the race if it is known that Bell distributes the products Microsoft Live to Canada. (the gate MSN, MSN Prenium and another service). Then if one withdraws Telus and Bell it remains us, Fido and Rogers. Then if one also knows that Fido (GSM) was bought by Rogers, it remains us more than Rogers obviously. It should be also known that if the iPhone share with a starting price rather high good it will be of as much expensive because several products of Rogers are already expensive while leaving. Then, it any more but does not remain to wait left the iPhone.


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