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It is Germany T-Mobile which seems to be the first operator to be offered most impressive of the last HTC revealed in the carding brush of the 3GSM. For 750Euro (1200 $ Canadian approximately), you will not be bound by contract with T-Mobile if not with a contract of 2ans it will cost you 650 $ of them (Canadian). As regards the contracts, it is interesting to compare the prices with here, T-Mobile offers for 60 $ 5G (yes gigs) of band-width on its cellular network high speed (HSDPA) per month and 200 hours of accesses to its very many Wifi Hot-Spot. Here one can pay approximately 100 $ for 200meg of remote loading (generally even if the Operators announce High Speed it is very very slow) and approximately 10 $ by 1 meg additional. In conclusion, in addition to having superb apparatus T-Mobile Germany has solids offers compared with Rogers.


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Microsft which had announced and then withdrawn the SDK of Windows Mobile 6 during the 3GSm of Barcelona, respected its word made available yesterday the SDK. Then for the developers under Windows Mobile you must know that the nomenclature changed radically. For those which develop under Smartphone (without touch screen) you must choose the standard version, for Pocket PC (without cellular option) the Classic version is for you and for those which develops under Pocket PC Phon (touch screen and cellular option) you must choose the professional version. All is on the site of Microsoft.

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Sharp which make only seldom in the cellular one, probably goes struck a great blow to Japan. Sharp, it is associated to the future operator japonnais, EMobile which would have started operated in the next month in Japan. The apparatus will be obviously Bluetooth and Wifi G. a chart TV (for the Japanese network of mobile television) and a camera come to supplement the whole. A tendency revealed with the 3GSM starts, to make its appearance, the screens of 800x480 which make it possible to look at a Web page more easily in its width. The apparatus comes with the navigator Op?ra already installed and Windows Mobile 5.

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The last apparatus from RIM, BlackBerry8800, which was revealed with the 3GSM of Barcelona last week has been just approved for the sale in the United States. This does not constitute a surprise, but which was the last stage before the exit of the apparatus in the United States. Several people on BlackBerry forums already stated to have the apparatus which was bought in a Cingular store. Blackberry 8800 should not be here available before March to Canada.


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Microsoft benefitted from the 3GSM to announce the launching of these new DRM for mobile, cellular apparatus. Even if, several large companies, Steve Job last week, start denounced it is small software, which ?are used? for protected the producers against the hacking, Microsoft has the support of several large actors for the United States of which: Verizon and Cingular (ATT&T). PlayReady should be available during the present six-month period and should join the other DRM of Microsoft.

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The manufacturer, Research In Motion, of the famous Blackberry, announces with the 3GSM of Barcelona, that it intended to add not less than 100 cellular operators to his list of customers in 2007. RIM is already distributed by 200 operators in more than 100 countries. Rim to add Jordan to its order book since a Jordanian operator decided to offer the Blackberry has its customers.

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It is with the 3GSM of Barcelona which SPB Software House has just announced that the software for Windows Mobile, Spb Mobile DVD 2.0, is now available. This software allows you encoder your DVD in order to be able to read them on your apparatus Windows Mobile. Spb affirms that thanks to its revolutionary format of compression the software offers one of best compressions for mobile currently available to the world.

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SanDisk benefits from the 3GSM of Barcelona for launching its new kit Microphone-SD. This ?kit? will enable you to have a chart Microphone-Sd and 2 other adapters to be able to be useful to you about it in other apparatuses. Nothing very again, but it is something of nevertheless interesting, which can simplify the life. There exists so much of size and format of chart-memory today.


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NVIDIA has just launched in the carding brush of the 3GSM of Barcelona, GoForce 6100, which would consume 50% less current than the concurrent solutions. This chip integrates Wifi and the USB 2.0 and more still. For more information here the site of NVIDIA for the chips mobiles.

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The Americans call it the ?kick slider? but we will be satisfied with Motor bike RIZR Z8 question of making simpler. (!?!?!). Motorola, which officialized this new type of cellular with the 3GSM of Barcelona. The apparatus will function under Symbian and on networks HSDPA. A storage internal 90megs and Bluetooth A2DP. The new RIZR should be available later in April.


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