Rogers will launch Nokia N95 on May 2nd

We have received many information about Nokia will announce officially the Nokia N95 for Rogers Wireless. This information are very sure and we have make research on the Canadian Nokia web site and we have found many tips for confirm this information. We have only found a price of 699$ without contract. The Nokia N95 of Rogers has a 5 mega pixels camera and a built in GPS. This device can use video calling because he have a second camera on the front. The Nokia N95 have too a Wifi G connection and a Bluetooth 2.0. A video wire is also including with the Rogers Nokia N95, CA-75Uc.


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2 comments for "Rogers will launch Nokia N95 on May 2nd"

  • Dave C Reply

    DOes anyone know if and when the N95 will come out, looks like it's not May 2nd?

    2008-05-02 08:08:07
    samuel Reply

    je voudrais comend? celulaire koodoo mobile

    2008-05-05 11:09:35

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