Koodo Mobile is now online

This new mobile operator, Koodo Mobile (prounnouced Koo-doh) uses the CDMA of telus network. They offer 3 device already offer by telus but with a concept very similar to Virgin mobile but in blue. The three offers are Samsung U410 (in red or black), Moto KRZR (gray or black) and the Motorola W385 in black. You can buy a Koodo device at all FutureShop, BestBuy, WalMart, Zellers, The Briks, London Drugs and new Koodo Shop. No revolution in the price but it?s a new with old thing.



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    Koodo is the same shit as telus. I hate both companies. They legally steel money from people.

    2008-09-15 23:56:13

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