Fido launch the Nokia 6555

Fido have announced few minutes ago the launch of Nokia 6555 in Canada. The Nokia 6555 include a1.3 mega pixels camera and a Bluetooth 2.0 connection. He are sale in all Fido retailer and on fido.ca for 75$, including a 1Gig memory card, with a three-year agreement. The Nokia 6555 are a good cellphone but with very basic option.

\"Fido customers have for years enjoyed the easy-to-use and stylish interface of Nokia devices,\" said Patrick Hadsipantelis, VP, Marketing, Fido.\"Design and functionality are very important to them when it comes to choosingthe right mobile phone. The Nokia 6555 delivers on both counts, enabling ourcustomers to stay connected and look good at the same time.\"

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2 comments for "Fido launch the Nokia 6555"

  • Justin Reply

    will the nokia 6555 still have the ptt( Push to Talk) button like at&t has and if so will fido use it the same way?

    2008-03-04 16:45:15
    alex Reply

    me i dont know, i dont see the device on Fido's web site...

    2008-03-04 18:19:23

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