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Since Virgin Mobile Canada announced that he wanted to break into the field of monthly subscriptions to cellular packages, nothing new has been announced. But tonight the site of Virgin Mobile Canada (www.virginmobile.ca) that worked this afternoon is closed for maintenance reasons. According to an email received by agents of customer service Virgin Mobile Canada, several problems are to be expected by tomorrow morning. No media representative was available for comment at the moment and customer service Virgin Mobile wants nothing to announce, and said they are not aware. Probably more detail tomorrow morning according to the customer service Virgin Mobile.


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  • Nicole L. Reply

    Hi, As a review site, I wanted to let you know that I've had the worst customer care I've ever experienced from Virgin Mobile. I have been trying to get my new credit card registered so I can top-up and actually use my cell phone. I've been trying for 4 MONTHS! I'm done with them now. Every time I called, they had a new excuse. First they hadn't saved any of my info. Next, they needed my credit card pin. Next my phone was deactivated, from lack of use! I've told them the address glitch that has caused the problem. My partner had the same problem but it was fixed immmediately by the supervisor, who for some reason couldn't fix mine, though we use the same credit card! No one has once called me back, or given me any kind of compensation. I've gone from a very polite, overly understanding customer to an extremely irate one. So, my Virgin Mobile experience has been one of utter incompetence and lack of regard for the customer. Hope this helps your next set of reviews. Nicole L. from British Columbia, Canada

    2009-01-08 15:26:04

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