The Nokia N95 at Rogers according to the website of Rogers

Again, the site of Rogers reveals projects only GSM operator in Canada. This time, the Nokia N95, which is listed on the website of Rogers in the section where you can download games on their cell phone device. This is not an official confirmation of Rogers, but the last time that this part of the site has proved devices were available, as Motorola Q9h. The Nokia N95, which is a very high-end, is only available in Europe at the moment, because it is not yet available in the United States and no date is expected. It is clear that this device is still very available, as it is sold, depending on the versions, approximately 800 euros.


Thanks Marc

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4 comments for "The Nokia N95 at Rogers according to the website of Rogers"

  • sean@engadgetmobile.com Reply

    The N95-3 is for sale in Nokia Stores in the states

    2008-01-16 12:30:37
    fred Reply

    Yes, but not with any GSM Operator...

    2008-01-16 13:39:53
    Sean Collier Reply

    I rented a Movie at a Rogers Video store this weekend. There was a huge poster in the window advertising Rogers' 3G service. There were three phones pictured together, one was an 8GB N95

    2008-05-05 20:47:59
    ram Reply

    i want to see the n95 details

    2008-12-30 22:56:08

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