RAZR 2 of Fido too late for christmas but yet for new years

The RAZR 2 Fido, is the same device available at Bell, telus or Rogers but only the color are different. This is more than 1 month after the other Canadian operator that Fido has chosen to offer the RAZR 2, or simply that Rogers wanted to sell enough before offering this cellphone Fido customers. The Motorola RAZR 2 is a device which offers several good thing but which distinguishes itself by its 2 screen with a size very acceptable. Fido offers the Motorola RAZR 2 for $ 150 if you had a contract with the \"navigation\" option for 3 years or $ 275 without the options for 3 years but with a contract of 3 years on a regular package. Bell offers the RAZR 2 has $ 199 with a traditional agreement of 3 years unlike a telus them that the offer was $ 249.99.

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