The iPhone is not anymore on Molson Website

That fact, the iPhone no longer appears on the website of Moslon and rules of the contest have disappeared as if by magic. We have contacted the customer service, which informed us that it was not really an iPhone from Rogers, but an iPhone that the company Moslon purchases in the United States and would "operate in Canada." For those who follow the news iPhone a little, you know very well that it is not possible to do such a thing without attracting problems with Apple. We are still awaiting news of representatives from Molson in Montreal. Rogers say "no comment" and that Apple should not comment for the moment.

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  • Rafal S Reply

    But the revised terms/contest rules still mention 8Gb phone not available before Jan. 2008. So this is the iPhone 8Gb model it is referring to.

    2007-10-24 21:47:04

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