Rogers also preparing to launch the HTC Touch

That Google text advertisements (known as AdWords), who revealed the information this morning. Indeed, advertising, in English, said "it will be easier to use a touch screen with Rogers." telus had launched a large scoop in the HTC Touch America. We are witnessing at this moment in Canada to a fierce fight between telus and Rogers for some time in the area of PDA communicating. The HTC Touch is much less interesting than the HTC TyTn II, which should be announced shortly with Rogers. After supplied appliances quality Canadian, can be that traders prices fall mobile data. The address is not working yet, but is expected within the next few hours.





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  • midtoad Reply

    ho hum, another phone that no one can actually afford to use. Try browsing a few pages web pages per day, and your monthly bill will be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Rogers data plans are at least five times more expensive per MB than telus or Bell.

    2007-10-22 23:40:27

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