Bell is the first one in Canada to offer unlimited mobile data

It is now done, Canada will join the United States with regard to the fixed prices of data wireless. A few minutes ago, Bell has just announced the first unlimited fixed price of data wireless in Canada, with his wireless Pc cards. The fixed price costs 75 $ per month and offers an access mobile and unlimited to the owner of cellular Pc cards. Bell had announced, it there has a few weeks the drop of price for the fixed prices of data wireless, but was still rather expensive, 1gig of transfer cost 100 $ per month. Bell is the company of communication which offers the greatest selection of wireless PC card. Bell offers also other plans for data, but which are limited and higher.




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  • Luc Reply

    Bell said illimited, but normal illimited download... si there is still a limit. lol

    2007-10-10 10:57:34

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