Axim X50V receives an unofficial update

Dell which gave up its customers who bought of Axim, in particular Axim X50v which seemed to be a very promising device with its launching and which is still almost one of only to offer a screen VGA. They is still people from XDA-Developpers who succeeded in making function this pirated version of Windows Mobile 6 and it would function only on version VGA of Axim X50. It is obviously not recommended to install this update, but for those which are courageous that would prolong the life of your PDA.

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2 comments for "Axim X50V receives an unofficial update"

  • Dean Reply

    Are you saying the upgrade would be good? I realize you said it is not recommended.

    2007-10-12 15:05:05
    John Reply

    I dont know if is good but it's not Official Rom...

    2007-10-12 15:23:51

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