The first device under Mobile Windows 6 Professional in Canada

Bell has just announced the exit of the HTC 6800. Bell who started to take delay in the field of the PDA the other Canadian operators who are telus and Rogers. telus offered already this device, but under the name of P4000 and refused to lend some to us so that we can you give more information on this device. The HTC 6800 weighs approximately 165g and has a touch screen of 2.8pouces. A camera 2.0 m?gas pixels is also present. On the side connection, one can mention the presence of a connection Wifi G and Bluetooth 2.0. It will cost of them you 199.99 $ with a contract of 3ans to obtain this device. After a small discussion with representatives of Bell Mobility, one assure us that we could obtain one from them soon and thus to speak to you more about it in detail.


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