First wireless network WiMAX Wi-Fi deployed in Montreal

The companies Nomad Telecom and Radioactif.com announced today that the first network WiFi and possibly WiMax will be available in September on the Mount-Royal Plate and 90% of Montr?alais out of 300 km square from here 2009. Several access points Wifi will be installed and connected between them with the WiMax network in order to extend the cover. The goal is to offer in the long term a service Internet High-Speed and of Mobile Telephony IP. ?For less than 30 $ per month, the residents of Montreal will have soon access to services Internet and of telephony IP without wire almost everywhere on the island, explains Daniel Robichaud, president of Radioactif.com. Radioactive also mentions that the flows without wire will be of approximately 5Mbps what would allow accuracy a use of the 2 services and which would exclude for the moment the IP TV.

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