Bell Mobilit? now offers Bell fixed prices to Bell

With the fixed prices Bell Calls to Bell, the customers of Bell Mobilit? can make and receive an unlimited number of local calls to destination and coming from any person having a telephone number of Bell. It is a single approach in mobile telephony that only Bell Mobilit? can offer. It is what Wade Oosterman declared, president de Bell Mobilit?. Honestly I do not see why Bell would be the only one with being able to offer this service, since Rogers already announced to make in the same way with his network of telephony IP and mobile last week. It you will coutera of them 10 $ per month for you subscribed with this service if you are already an subscriber of Bell if not you can choose among several fixed price .We await information of Bell Mobilit? and we will make you share of it as soon as Bell Mobilit? specifies information.

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