Cingular would not have any control on the contents of the iPhone

Apple is accustomed to like many large data-processing companies making at their head and listening to only their opinion. The originator of the iPhone wanted from of nothing to escape this tradition. Cingular will not have indeed practically any control on the contents of the apparatus. Normally a cellular telephone once chosen by a cellular operator and then conveyed in a department of the operator to be put at the color of the operator. For example, navigator Internet, ringing, screen of day before, remote loading of song on the gate of the operator. But Wall Street Journal teaches us that the navigator Web of the iPhone is Safari and that its system of operation will be OS X. the leaders of Cingular will not have seen the apparatus only a few days before launching in Macworld Expo 2007 a few weeks ago. One can easily thought that it will be the same for Rogers in Canada.


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