NTT Docomo come in the 4G and we come in the 3G

Ntt Docomo announced yesterday that their tests on the network 4 G proved that it was possible for them, to offer 5gig in remote loading. The test was carried out while rolling at a speed of 10km/h and by using the frequency 1000MHz. Last on December 14, Ntt Docomo had succeeded in going to 2.5gig and by using technique MIMO one succeeds in doubling the transfer.

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  • Shea Reply

    When texting with my LG shine and I run out of room on the first page I am unable to continue to the second page, How would I go about doing that? Also when I am in T9 I cannot add words to the phones dictionary, can and how do I do that?

    2008-05-13 00:42:26

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