Bell Mobility offers its customers a Good Mobile

Bell Mobility announces being the first company in North America to offer its customers the option of messaging and security of Good Technology. That new service is available to customers with a Pocket PC or Palm Treo. No price was available, because this kind of service is reserved to companies and sold as a package.
- Intuitive user interface with robust on Treo smartphones and Palm wireless devices Windows (TM) Mobile
- Encrypting end of all data exchanged between server and device
- Two-way wireless synchronization functions Microsoft (R) Exchange and IBM Lotus (R) Domino (TM) between the device and the desktop to easily manage applications such as e-mail, contacts and calendar
- Ease of installation and upgrade Secure Over-the-Air (TM) to provide wireless devices other applications, productivity and safety, including the latest security software like antivirus and firewalls
- Proactive in scanning devices and management of policies to ensure that only devices pre - have access to the company network
- Manager of security and enterprise-class compliance, to verify and authenticate the mobile devices.

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