At the close of the 12gig hard drive on your PDA

Only 10 days left before the fateful date for RIM. In effect February 24 RIM will be fixed on a future United States. But other problems can arise al'horizon for Research In Motion, the software giant, Microsoft. The firm of Bill Gates just announced that its service "Push Mail" is now developed for the exchange server. Microsoft announces that several cellular operators have signed contracts for this service, such as Vodafone (Europe), Cingular (USA), Orange (Europe) and T-Mobile (USA). Vodafone offers this service in March while SwissCom and Orange announced Monday the sale of compatible device in the second quarter. Questioning by the Seattle Post, Pieter Knook responsible for the Mobile division of Microsoft that it was not too late to tackle the walk of RIM. This market is in fact 350 to 400 million users. Research In Motion hold approximately 43% of the market. Pieter Knook added that annoys legal Rim could help Microsoft in its conquest of the market for Push Mail.

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