Second time?s a charm for the Storm at Bell?

4 months after its arrival at telus, Bell finally gets their hand on RIM?s second try at a touchscreen handset, the Storm 9550. The launch date is scheduled to be on April 13th. No word on pricing yet, but we can anticipate something in the area of telus? pricing. I must admit I was kind of skeptic about this device since my bad experience with the first version. But let me tell you, they aren?t even related! Most of the specs are the same, but we can see 3 huge improvements. The Surepress technology is way more responsive than its previous version. Another big issue with the 9530 was the lack of wifi, which is now included with the 9550. All of this combined with a brand new 5.0 OS, you should give it another try, it will surprise you.


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