Rogers RAZR

The RAZR of Motorola at Rogers, who is offered to 79.99 with 3 year old contract, is nevertheless an accessible price. As regards the design, it is a device which is thin with a screen of 176x220 for the inside and 96x80 for outside. As regards the weight, it weighs only 95 G.

The RAZR has a Bluetooth connection of 1.0, which is nevertheless interesting. You will be able to add to your device a headset or ear-phones wireless.

This device does not have any WIFI or infra-red. No keyboard is with the menu to facilitate the sending of message text. It has a camera of 0.3 mega pixel which will enable you to take photographs of low quality.

Rogers RAZR


  • Model Rogers RAZR
  • Date 2007-01-31
  • Manufacturer Motorola
  • Network gsm
  • Radio Band
  • System proprio
  • Second Screen
  • Screen Touch
  • Memory Card
  • Camera 0.3 mega-pixels
  • Camera Zoom
  • Camera Flash
  • Speakerphone
  • Headset mm
  • WiFi NO
  • Infra-red No
  • Bluetooth 1
  • USB
  • Pc Syncronisation
  • PictBridge Transfert
  • E-mail
  • Weight
  • SMS
  • Software include No
  • Web Browser
  • Java
  • Color N/A
  • Batterie Type
  • Batterie Talk Time minutes
  • Batterie Stanby Time minutes
  • Processor No
  • Rom 5
  • Ram No
  • Screen 176x220
  • Fm No
  • Mp3 Yes
  • Keyboard No
  • Antenna No
  • Unlocking We can Unlock the Rogers RAZR 20$