Jean-Philippe Vallee

Jean-Philippe Vallee is the Founder and Co-Owner of MobileInCanada.com. He is also our Web Programmer and Business Development Manager.

Vickie Cournoyer

Vickie is the Co-Owner of MobileInCanada.com and she writes many of the review. She takes all pictures for reviews and makes all of the HD Videos.

Olivia-Maude Vallee

Website Manager, she assures all services like news, orders, support, FaceBook and Twitter acounts run perfect everyday.

Marc-Antoine Vallee

Marc-Antoine Vallee is the Purchasing Manager of MobileInCanada

Louis Vallee

Louis Vallee wrote many reviews and helped to create MobileInCanada . Rest in Peace, Louis Vallee thanks for all and we will never forget you...

Frederic Champagne

Frederic Champagne manage financial for MobileInCanada Group.

Kevin Lalancette

Kevin Lalancette is the Graphist for MobileInCanada.com and UnikCase.com

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