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Here is a device that is ideal for your car. He replaces your mirror self traditional for a much larger and has a very interesting feature. This is the Bluetooth system for the automobile more complete than I know who moved in less than 2 seconds. The Bluetooth car kit is not only a mirror, but has a screen in the mirror, which can display the name or the caller's number. For a very reasonable price compared to several other Bluetooth solutions. The Bluetooth car kit is extremely comprehensive.

Read the review after the link...






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We have seen in a Best Buy documentation 2 new device offer soon for Fido customers. The Motorola Z6W will be fully compatible with new UMA service of Fido. The Motorola Z6W has a 2.0 mega pixels camera. The Motorola ROKR U9 have a design very similar to PEBL but with many amelioration. He includes a 1.3 mega pixel camera and obviously a Bluetooth connection. We have no date or price for the moment but some tips we have receive it?s for June.









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It's today, after have launch the HTC Shift officially, Rogers have put the LG VU Tu915 on her website who have announced few month ago by LG, when they launch Touch publicity campaign in Canada, in the same time of LG Vantage of Bell and the LG Venus of Telus. The LG Vu Tu915 is a good device and LG want a competition with the iPhone. This device is sale for 279$ with a 3 years agreement, 329$ with 2 years, 379$ with 1 years or 429$ without any contract with Rogers.







rogers lg vu tu915 launch price agreement cell phone touch smartphone smart device shift screen vantage bell telus iphone



Many months after launching of the Google AdSense Mobile in last September, Canadian can now put AdSense publicity on mobile website. It?s very simple to install on your mobile web site like other Google products. AdSense for Mobile are now available in the following countries: US, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, India, China, Japan and now Canada.

You can visit but for the moment we don?t put publicity on our .Mobi







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A new device for Bell Mobility with the Sanyo Katana LX. The Katana LX is a cheap phone but with a nice design. Bell want sale this device in 3 colors such as Black, Pink and Brown. The Sanyo Katana LX has a 0.3 mega pixels camera, a Bluetooth connection and is A-GPS capable. The price for the Sanyo katana LX of Bell is 50$ with 3 years agreement, 100$ with 2 years, 200$ with 1 years and 250$ without any agreement.









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Rogers want really offer the HTC Shift to Canadian. Many rumour speck about that but no evidence for the moment are know. But we have received a picture with a HTC Shift of Rogers. For remember this very nice UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) run Windows Vista and Windows Mobile. With a 7? monitor and a full QWERTY keyboard the HTC Shift is a very nice device with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, web camera and finger print reader. Rogers will sale this device for 2,099.99$ without any agreement or 1,999.99$ with a Month To Month, 1,899.99$ with a 1 years agreement, 1,799.99$ with 2 years and 1,699$ with a 3 years agreement. For launching this device Rogers have a special price has 1,599.99$. It?s a big surprising to see this complete device in Canada but it?s a good thing for us. Maybe Bell want offer OQO ?







rogers htc shift umpc canada launch date price image photo wii bluetooth 3g cell phone mobile ultra vista windows



We have seen on the Rogers web site, a picture of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120. No information on the device but the spec of the Blackberry Pearl 8120 of Rogers is already known because this device is available in the United State (ATT and T-Mobile). The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 has a Wi-Fi connection for replace the GPS on the BlackBerry Pearl 8110. We have also information about BlackBerry 8820 and 8320 in Canada with WiFi connection but no image for the moment. No date and no price for the BlackBerry Pear 8120 for the moment but we work on that.







rogers blackberry pearl wifi 8120 8110 8820 8320 pda canada mobile cell phone review fido calling zone wireless



Rogers have create a notify list for inform customer when he offer the new Blackberry Bold in Canada. The new BlackBerry Bold 9000 support HSPA 3G network of Rogers and have a Wi-Fi connection. He have too a 1G of onboard memory and expandable up to 8G memory card. Don?t forget the very nice HVGA display (640 x 240 pixels). No date and no price for the moment but Canada will have the BlackBerry Bold 9000.







rogers blackberry bold 9000 3g hspa canada review wifi spec info price date launch display mobile cell phone rim



Bell will launch the new LG Vantage, the respons to LG Shine of Rogers, because he has a very similar design. It?s a touch screen device with a 2 mega pixels camera. The LG Vantage of Bell has a Bluetooth connection 1.2 and support external memory up to 4gig. We have price but its not official price but I think its good source. The LG Vantage of Bell will be sale with a 3 year agreement for 225$, with 2 years 275$ and for 1 years 375$. The price is 425$ if you don?t want contract or with prepaid option.








bell vantage canada lg mobile cellphone touch screen bluetooth memory rogers shine memory usb



We have received the confirmation for a Sony Ericsson EC400g PC Card for July in Canada. No more information about operator, but this quality of device is normally reserved for Rogers and I don?t think so Fido offer this very nice ExpressCard. The Sony Ericsson EC400g provides a HSPA connection at 7.2 Mb/s and this card include a built-in GPS receiver.







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