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LG G3 of Virgin unlock in 36 minutes


36 minutes
LG V20 of Bell unlock in 14 minutes

LG V20

14 minutes
Google Pixel of Bell unlock in 11 minutes

Google Pixel

11 minutes
LG G5 of Virgin unlock in 34 minutes


34 minutes
Moto G of Virgin unlock in 42 minutes

Moto G

42 minutes
LG G5 of Bell unlock in 17 minutes


17 minutes
LG G5 of Virgin unlock in 13 minutes


13 minutes
LG K4 of Telus unlock in 17 minutes


17 minutes
LG G4 of Rogers unlock in 27 minutes


27 minutes
LG G3 of Fido unlock in 6 minutes


6 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Alpha of Telus unlock in 18 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

18 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S6 of Telus unlock in 12 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S6

12 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Note II of Koodo unlock in 57 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note II

57 minutes
BlackBerry 9900 of Rogers unlock in 9 minutes

BlackBerry 9900

9 minutes
LG G4 of Koodo unlock in 13 minutes


13 minutes
Motorola Moto Z Play of Koodo unlock in 18 minutes

Motorola Moto Z Play

18 minutes
Google Pixel XL of Telus unlock in 36 minutes

Google Pixel XL

36 minutes
HTC Desire 601 of Koodo unlock in 23 minutes

HTC Desire 601

23 minutes
LG G Stylo of Videotron unlock in 12 minutes

LG G Stylo

12 minutes
LG G4 of Koodo unlock in 21 minutes


21 minutes
LG G3 of Fido unlock in 11 minutes


11 minutes
LG G5 of Wind unlock in 16 minutes


16 minutes
Google Pixel of Rogers unlock in 23 minutes

Google Pixel

23 minutes
Samsung Galaxy S8+ of Bell unlock in 42 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S8+

42 minutes
LG X Power of Wind unlock in 41 minutes

LG X Power

41 minutes
- of  unlock in 19 minutes


19 minutes
LG G3 of Fido unlock in 33 minutes


33 minutes

These are not guaranteed time frames. Each order depends on time of day, device, locked operator and many other factors involved in generating an unlock code.


Koodo Samsung Galaxy S4
2017-03-17 | MobileInCanada.com, Great site! Easy to use, fast and complete.

Rogers Apple iPhone 5S
2017-03-17 | MobileInCanada.com, Quick and Easy!

Fido Samsung Galaxy S6
2017-03-17 | MobileInCanada.com, Fantastic service

Sasktel Apple iPhone 6
2017-03-14 | MobileInCanada.com, iPhone 6 .Unlock,Very satisfied.Great service, Thanks

Telus Nokia C3-01
2017-03-13 | MobileInCanada.com, Great service. telus Nokia c3-01 code unlocked painlessly. You came through for me where 3 other unlockers failed to get code. Thank You

Bell Samsung Galaxy S5
2017-03-12 | MobileInCanada.com, worked great. Thanks

Bell Samsung Galaxy J1
0000-00-00 | MobileInCanada.com, Thanks Another successful unlockThat's my third time and that's why I keep coming back

Fido Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
2017-03-11 | MobileInCanada.com, the code worked. Thank you!

Fido Samsung Galaxy S6
2017-03-10 | MobileInCanada.com, I have a code and I am happy and satisfied with services easy to use. Now I have a unlock s6. Thanks for a mobileincanada

Koodo Samsung Galaxy S3
2017-03-09 | MobileInCanada.com, Excellent, J'ai essayé avec une autre compagnie et après 3 jours, j'ai finalement reçu un code. Il ne fonctionnait pas. Heureusement j'ai pu me faire rembourser (photos à l'appui). Avec Mobile In Canada, j'ai eu mon code en 4 heures (plus vite) et ça a fonctionne avec la 2ième procédure. Tres satisfait

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 i727R
2017-03-08 | MobileInCanada.com, Thank you for sending my code. My phone is unlocked now and I can breathe easy.

Fido Samsung Galaxy S4
2017-03-08 | MobileInCanada.com, Was a little nerves using MobileInCanada for the first time, but I got my unlock code and it worked the first try. Took a little longer than expected, but the correspondence was excellent and fast. Thank you MobileInCanada.

Koodo Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X
2017-03-07 | MobileInCanada.com, Work first try

Bell Samsung Galaxy S6
2017-03-06 | MobileInCanada.com, tres bon service et rapide faites confiance

Telus Nokia Lumia 830
2017-03-06 | MobileInCanada.com, Thanks for the fast answer! It's now unlock!

Bell Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
2017-03-05 | MobileInCanada.com, Thank you so much for your help! It worked so easily! Will use this service again

Virgin Samsung Galaxy S3
2017-03-05 | MobileInCanada.com, Thanks!! It takes a few hours and it works!!

Virgin Moto G
2017-03-05 | MobileInCanada.com, Great customer service! Fast, cheap and hassle free way to unluck your phone! I would highly recommend them

Telus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
2017-03-02 | MobileInCanada.com, Everything is working! thanks guys!

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S4
2017-03-02 | MobileInCanada.com, Clearly what I expected! Fast, and easy.

Rogers Apple iPhone 7 Plus
2017-03-02 | MobileInCanada.com, waiting few hours but it work! thanks guys!

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S5
2017-03-02 | MobileInCanada.com, "Fast" was exactly how I'd describe service, the code worked right away and I couldn't find a cheaper unlock service! Less than half what the phone company wanted. Would use again.

Bell Samsung Galaxy S6
2017-03-02 | MobileInCanada.com, Thank you... everything worked!

Rogers Apple iPhone 7
2017-03-02 | MobileInCanada.com, fast and easy process